Professor Shi Jichun Held the 59th Professor Salon: Is It Possible to Draw a Clear and Fixed Line Between the Government and the Market by Law?
Professor Guo Danqing from George Washington University was invited to be a Guest in the 81st Commercial Law frontier Lecture Series, Speaking Glowingly of ¡®Recent Development Trends of Securities Act Insider Trading System¡¯
National Academy of Development and Strategy 2015 Public Policy Seminar: National Law and Canon Law
The Blue Book of Food Security Governance (2014) and Seminar at Renmin University of China
Professor Hu Tianlong Attended 2015 IFA Asian-Pacific Branch Annual Conference
The Delegation of University of California-Berkeley Law School Visited Renmin Law School
Human Dignity Trust participates in a ground-breaking conference on LGBTI law at China's Renmin University
Xiong Bingwan and Zhou Yuansheng:Economic Analysis of Civil Litigations--Towards a Socially Optimal Level of Litigating Motivation [2015-7-2]
Zhu Xiao,Wu Kaijie: China¡¯s Food Safety Law and Its Ongoing Amendment [2015-6-30]
He Jiahong: The Standard of Proof for Redressing Wrongful Convictions - A Comparative Study with Case Analyses [2015-6-28]
Gao Shengping:The Legal Dilemma of the Financialization of Agricultural Land and a Way Forward [2015-5-28]
Improving the Legal Rights of Employees: Recent Developments in Australian Law[May 14th]
Legal and Ethical Issues Associated with the Application of Genomic Technology in Food Production and Supply System[May 14th ]
Lecture:Humanism in the digital era[May26-29th]
[RUIVW Workshop] Foreign State¡¯s Entanglement In Anticompetitive Conduct by MAREK MARTYNISZYN[May 12th ]
Hu Tianlong: China Tax Treaty and Policy: Development and Updates [2015-3-29]
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