Qiyuan Lecture: Professor Wen Tiejun made a speech on the comparison of land issues between China and foreign countries
[One Book One Party] Read the Book 1984 Together, Appreciate the Spirit of Freedom Again
The 2nd Geneva-Harvard-Renmin-Sydney Law Faculty Conference
The Customs Law Practice Symposium hosted by the Customs and Foreign Exchange Law Institute was convened
Conference of Recent Trends of IT Industry Restructuring Worldwide and Regulatory Reactions of Korea and China ¨C with an Emphasis on Antitrust and Intellectual Property
Food Safety Governance Research Center Launched Cooperation with Wageningen University
Moving Forward after Graduation-- Interview of the Study Abroad
Zhu Xiao: Limited approval system for environmental impact assessment areas in ¡°Environmental Protection Law¡± [2014-7-20]
Du Huanfang: The Judicial Measurement of Mandatory Exchange of International Abducted Children: Take the Article 12 Section 2 of Hague Convention as An Object for Analysis [2014-6-28]
Gao Shengping: The legal system of financial leasing transaction of People¡¯s republic of China: Reconstruction of the right and the system---Take ¡° Cape Town Convention¡±and its relevant protocols as reference. [2014-6-26]
Jin Haijun: Real right, copyright and privacy right----- Analysis of the sale of Qian Zhongshu¡¯s written letters [2014-6-20]
Geneva-Harvard-Renmin-Sydney Conference on Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility ¡¾July 12th¡¿
The fifth students' forum of Shan Xi economic legal study [June 26th]
Seminar on issues of Labor Law of Mainland China and Taiwan [June 23th]
The Growing Crisis in American Legal Education[Brian Z. Tamanaha][June13th]
Li Fenfei: The Bottom Line of Justice [2014-7-6]
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