Series Lectures of the Study of Chinese Law History Under Unitary View: Oral-history Method: Social History And Law History
Women Accused of International Crimes
Seminar of the Term of the Right to Use Land for Construction for Dwelling Houses upon Expiration
Forum of Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the General Principles of the Civil Law
Researcher Richard Q. Turcsanyi: the Belt and Road Initiative
The Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia visited our school and the Common Law Center
Theoretical Research Base for Environmental Resources Justice Assisted the Supreme People¡¯s Court in Publishing White Paper on China Environmental Resources Trials
Zhu Xiao, Michael T. Roberts, Wu Kaijie: Genetically Modified Food Labeling in China: In Pursuit of a Rational Path [2016-9-9]
Zhang Guangliang: China¡¯s stance on free trade-related intellectual property: a view in the context of the China-Japan-Korea FTA negotiations [2016-9-4]
Guo Rui: The Mandatory Rule and Enabling Rule in Business Organizational Law: A Case Study on the Board in Chinese Corporate Law [2016-8-28]
Li Fenfei & Deng jinting: The Limits of the Arbitrariness in Anticorruption by China s Local Party Discipline Inspection Committees [2016-6-27]
[July 20]Conference on Current Copyright Developments in China and the United States
2016 Sino-African Law Deans¡¯ Conference[July 8]
Constitutional Law and Human Rights Week of Renmin University of China
The European Patent Office and Patents Values
He Jiahong: Back from the Dead-Wrongful Convictions and Criminal Justice in China [2016-6-27]
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