Prof. Asbjørn Strandbakken from University of Bergen Law School Gave a Lecture on the Jurist Forum of RUC Law School: Evidence Disclosure in Public Prosecution
Prof. Liu Pinxin Gave a Lecture in the 91st Session of the Professor Sharon: Big Data Justice-the Modernization Transformation
The 92nd Professor Salon: Professor Shi Jichun and Two Economic Questions in General Provisions of the Civil Law
The 91st Professor Salon: Professor Liu Pinxin and the Justice with Big Data and the Modernization of the Rule of Law in China
Seminar on Rule of Law in China: its Theoretical Logic and Practical Value and the 25th Anniversary of Center for Legal Post Doctoral Studies
Professor Han Dayuan and Professor Feng Yujun of RUC Law School are Approved to Establish Major Projects of National Social Science Foundation
Hilde Salvesen, director of International Department of Norwegian Human Rights Center in the University of Oslo, visited our school
Ding Xiaodong, Public Focusing Events as Catalysts: An Empirical Study of í«Pressure-Induced Legislationsí» in China, Journal of Contemporary China, 2017 [2017/12/5]
Shi Yan-an: The Death Penalty, The Constitution and The Theory of State [2017/12/5]
Gao Shengping: Legislation of The Security Transfer of Chattel [2017/11/18]
Li Fenfei&Deng Jintingú║The power and the misuse of power by China's local procuratorates in anticorruption [2017/11/18]
Disclosure of Evidence by the Prosecution[16 Nov]
Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp. ú║Priority and Process Values[27 Oct]
[Lecture]The Judicial Implementation of the Clean Water Act In USA[17 Oct]
[Lecture]Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation: Current Trends[18 Oct]
Hu Tianlong: The Politics of the Drive Against Corruption [2016/12/13]
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