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Course Offerings and Credits

Exchange students are allowed to take all the law courses offered by Renmin Law School. Although most law courses are taught in Chinese, Renmin Law School will offer approximately 20 law courses in English each semester. Please note that the exact course list is normally available in early July for the fall semester and the end of January for the spring semester.
List of Law Courses in English:
1. Introduction to Chinese Law, 2 credits
2. Chinese Tort Law, 2 credits
3. Chinese Contract Law, 3 credits
4. Chinese Property Law, 2 credits
5. Chinese Corporate Law and Securities Law, 3 credits
6. Chinese Business Law, 2 credits
7. Chinese Social Security Law, 2 credits
8. Chinese Intellectual Property Law, 2 credits
9. Chinese Civil Procedure Law, 2 credits
10. Chinese Criminal Law, 2 credits
11. Chinese Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution, 2 credits
12. Chinese Fiscal & Taxation Law, 2 credits
13. Chinese Labor Law, 2 credits
14. Chinese Constitutional Law, 2 credits
15. Chinese Criminal Procedure Law, 2 credits
16. Chinese Environmental Law, 2 credits
17. Foreign Investment Law in China, 2 credits
18. Legal Clinic on Protecting the Rights of the Disabled, 2 credits
19. Comparative Legal Study in East Asia, 2 credits
20. Comparative Politics in East Asia, 2 credits
21. Chinese Politics, 3 credits
22. International Commercial Contract-Reading and Writing Skills, 2 credits
23. Introduction to the legal systems in England and Hong Kong SAR, 2 credits
24. International Commercial Contracts, 2 credits
25. American Tort Law, 2 credits
26. Common Law, 2 credits
27. Introduction to Contract Law in England and USA, 2 credits
28. International Commercial Litigation and ADR, 2 credits
29. International IP Law & the IP Strategy of Multinational Corporations, 2 credits

At present, the course descriptions are not available online, but we distribute course descriptions and syllabi of the law courses in English to exchange students upon arrival.

At Renmin Law School, students can select courses bearing 2, 3 or 4 credits. One credit equals 16 class hours and one class hour equals 45 minutes. The amount of credits that shall be taken by the exchange students is decided by the home university.
The students will be evaluated in accordance with their performance in class and the final exam, final paper or final assignment. The instructor has the discretion to decide how to weight the final exam against other performance factors such as class participation, term assignments, etc.  

The Grade Point Average (GPA) marking system at Renmin University of China is determined as follows:
90-100: A (4.0)  86-89: A- (3.7)  83-85: B+ (3.3)  80-82: B (3.0)  
76-79: B- (2.7)   73-75: C+(2.3)  70-72: C (2.0)   66-69: C- (1.7)  
63-65: D+ (1.3)  60-62: D (1.0)
<60  failed     Oral Test: P (1.0)

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