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International Exchange Programs

How to Apply

Our Student Exchange Program is only open to students selected by one of our partner universities (Exchange Partners.pdf.) We advise you to contact the international office of your home university and discuss your options, and follow their selection process. When you apply for exchange at your home university, you can do so for half a year or for a whole academic year depending on the bilateral agreement we have with your university.

Application requirements
a.You should be at least in the 2nd year of law studies at your home university
b.Have a GPA 3.0 or above
c.Language Proficiency of Either Chinese or English

Application Procedure
Step 1: Nomination
The home university has to send the official nomination letter to the international office of Renmin Law School by email to: The nomination letter has to include the students¡¯ names, passport numbers, grade information (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), major, gender, and their duration of study (one semester or two semesters)

Nomination Deadline: 
Fall semester/Academic year: April 25
Spring Semester: November 1

Step 2: Online application
Once accepted you may start online application at, and then mail the following required documents to the international office of Renmin Law School by November 15 for spring semester and May 15 for fall semester or a whole academic year.
1.The completed online application form for studying at RUC
2.The official certificate of enrollment
3.One recommendation letter
5.The official transcripts (English version)
6.One photocopy of the passport
7.Three ID pictures

Mailing Address:
Ms. Lei CHEN
International Office (Room 619), Mingde Law Building
59 Zhongguancun Ave., Haidian District, Beijing 100872, P.R.China

Step 3: Admission Process at RUC
International Students Office of Renmin University will review the applications after the deadline and the admission decision will be sent out to Renmin Law School. Renmin Law School will forward the admission package to the applicant. The package will include the Admission Letter, JW form (for visa application), on-campus housing application form and other documents.

Step 4: Register at RUC
International students must formally register at the time specified in the Admission Letter. Those who are unable to register on time must ask for permission. Those who fail to register without prior consent will be considered as voluntarily giving up their enrollment.

Registration Venue: International Students Office (1st floor, International Culture Exchange Center)
Documents for registration:
1.Admission Letter
2.Visa application for study in China (JW202/JW201, except for those holding F visa or residence permit)
3.Five pieces of passport-size photos
4.The originals of ¡°Physical Examination Record for Foreigners¡±, blood test reports of AIDS and Syphilis, and electrocardiogram (Except for those holding F visa or residence permit)

Exchange students need to sign up for courses at the international office of Renmin Law School after finishing the registration at the International Students Office of Renmin University of China.

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