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Acknowledgement to Alumnus Li Xiaobin

Recently, the Director of Beijing Li Xiaobin Law Office, alumnus of our Law School Li Xiaobin lawyer has donated 50,000 yuan to subsidize the editing and publishing of 3,000 copies of historial albums for the 60th Anniversary of Law School.

Historical album for the 60th anniversary of Renmin University Law School is based on the photos of Law School taken in the past 60 years since its establishment and it is attached by the verbal description. The historical album tries to present readers a panorama of the 60 years development of Law School, and in order to show our legal persons self-improvement and the ambition of sincerely carrying out. Meanwhile, the historical album aims to inspire the new generation to continuously build Renmin University Law School into a world-class Law School, offering the most sincere blessing for our Law School.

Li Xiaobin lawyer has been concerned about the development of Renmin University Law School all the time. In 2006, he made a donation to the foundation of Tong Rou Civil and Commercial Development Fund and established the Tong Rou C Zeng Xianyi special scholarship. Practicing as a lawyer for the past ten years, Li Xiaobin has served as a legal adviser to a number of legal entities, and his hard working attitude, broad and interrelated professional legal practice and business experience in related industries has won the trust and respect from numerous customers and colleagues. Beijing Li Xiaobin Law Office founded in 2005 is one of the best individual law firms, and its wide range of businesses involved in land, construction, finance, corporate contract disputes, real estate disputes and economic crime, job crime and other fields. Under the leadership of Li Xiaobin lawyer, the law firm has built up a high-quality, professional team of lawyers, which aims at to be one of the highest level law firms in China.

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