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Sun Guohua: Marxist Jurisprudence and Social Harmony

Title: Marxist Jurisprudence and Social Harmony

Author: Sun Guohua

Publishing House: Law Press

Publication Date£º2014.5.1


Marxist Jurisprudence and Social Harmony is the newest collection of recent academic research results of Professor Sun Guohua, since August 2007 when Essays of Sun Guohua was published. The book is divided into six parts: the first part mainly involves the basic principle of marxist jurisprudence; the second part focuses on the harmonious value of "law"; the third part is the study of the relationship between law and justice; the fourth part explores the theoretical problems of the socialist rule of law in China; the fifth part studies the related questions of the legal system of socialism in China; the sixth part is the law and interests as well as to the consideration of related constitutional issues. Marxist Jurisprudence and Social Harmony takes the latest achievements of sinicization of marxism as a guide, stands in the forefront of the human civilization, thinks hard to grasp the spirit of modern time, considers the peace and development as the main developing line, and explores the rule of Marxist Jurisprudence and the principle of constructing social harmony.

(Translator: Fang Xiaoyi)

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