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Ma XiaohongNew Theory of Ancient Law: Law Connection


Tradition exists to understand the traditions and promote the tradition. From considering the ceremony as an obstacle to the development of social and legal reality, to recognizing that what the ancient ritual in reality is the driving force or resistance does not depend on the ancients, but on living in the moment of us. These essays describe my view. Theme of this book is to explore the healing of this meaning and realize ancient law connection. The essay relating to the law history is the one "easy to read," and every article is not perfunctory.

Introduction of the author:

Ma Xiaohong, JD, Professor of Renmin Law School,doctoral tutor, Deputy Director of the Legal Culture Research Center of Renmin Law School, the cooperation professor of the Higher Institute of History and Society of Renmin University of China. Representative academic accomplishments are: Propriety and Law: History Connection of Law, History of Ancient Chinese Legal Theory, Rise of the Chinese Constitutional Myth, Social Studies, An Analysis of Ancient Chinese" judge ".

(Editor: Fang Xiaoyi)

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