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Han Liyu: Protection of Industries in the Context of WTO Rules

Author: Han Liyu


China's accession to WTO is the inevitable result of China's reform and opening up. Since having joined WTO, China's economy attracted a great development. On the other hand, constrained by the WTO rules, China is becoming the major participant in the WTO dispute. At the same time, China's economy is faced with industrial transformation and upgrading. It is a unavoidable problem that how we should develop domestic industries under the WTO rules. Protection of Industries in the Context of WTO Rules discusses the the industry chain, industrial clusters and protection rules through the perspective of industry, the main line and framework. By representative specific dispute cases, the book analyzes the achievements and problems of industrial policy. Combined with the analysis of China's industrial policy and related disputes, the last part of the book points out the direction and problems of our industry.

(Editor: Fang Xiaoyi)

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