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Huang Zongzhi and You Chenjun: Historical-Social Jurisprudence£ºHistory of Legal Principle and Practice in China

Authors: Huang Zongzhi, You Chenjun

Publication: Law Press

Date: 2014.10

Introduction of Authors:

Philip C. C. Huang£¬Doctor of Washington University£¬Visiting Professor of Renmin Law School and Professor of History Department in University of California, Los Angeles£¨1966-2004£©£¬Director of China Research Center£¨1986-1995£©£¬Editor of Modern China£¨1975-now£©£¬Editor of Rural China£¨2003-now£©

You Chenjun, Doctor of Jurisprudence of Peking University£¬Associate Professor of Renmin Law School. He was an editor of Peking University Law Review£¬and now is Chairman of Executive Committee Of International Society for Chinese Law and History and Editor of The Jurist, Rural China and other important Academic Journals and books.

Abstract of Book:

Historical-Social Jurisprudence£¬is not only a deep foreign academic tradition, but also consists of heavy China¡¯s ancient traditional legal theory and modern socialist revolutionary new research approach.

Historical-Social Jurisprudence focuses on historical horizon and social care to speak in details, Historical-Social Jurisprudence will selectively inherit China¡¯s own traditional legal resources, especially the prospective ethics resources, to correct the tendency of formalism of mainstream law completely biased in favor of western in recent years.

(Editor: Fang Xiaoyi)

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