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Managing Vice President Wang Liming Delivered a speech in Waseda University, Japan


Invited by Professor Oguchi Hikota, who was the former vice president of Waseda University, Wang Liming, managing vice president of Renmin University paid a visit to Japan from November 20th to 22nd while delivering a speech in Waseda University Institute of Comparative Law themed as ¡®Related Issues about China¡¯s formulating Civil Code¡¯.

During the three hours¡¯ address, Professor Wang indicated that the Fourth Plenum of the Communist Party of China at 18 proposed to compile civil code which showed the orientation clearly of the future civil legislation work. It was bound to be the great event in history of world law development to formulate a civil code leading civil law trend as well as incarnating contemporary spirit of Chinese characteristics. In his speech, Professor Wang explained particularly the necessity and feasibility of China¡¯s formulating civil law, interpreting the content of basic approaches to formulate the code. After giving the lecture, he also answered questions like personality right legislation and judicial explanations come up with by audience present at the conference. The lecture was hosted by Professor Oguchi Hikota.

After the address, Managing Vice President Wang Liming was invited by Professor Kaoru Kamata, Dean of Waseda University, to enhance cooperation between Renmin University and Waseda University. Dean Kaoru Kamata was celebrated Japanese civil law specialist, perennially participating civil code amendment, law of obligation especially. Both sides introduced basic information about international exchange and collaboration in the talks, particularly the achieved result of their collaboration in the field of law and economy, where both sides reached a consent to redouble communication space, strengthening students exchanges. In the meantime, Professor Wang also introduced some related issues about civil code formulation, listening to Professor Kaoru¡¯s presentation about Japanese law of obligation. After the talks, Professor Oguchi Hikota represented Waseda University to fete Managing Vice President Wang Liming, accompanied with Undersecretary Jiang Zhengyin.

Professor Ding Xiangshun from Renmin Law School was in the company of Professor Wang and delivered a speech named ¡®China¡¯s Judicial Reform New Trend¡¯.

(Translator: Cheng Zeya)

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