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Yang Lixin: Law of Obligation

Title: Law of Obligation

Author: Yang Lixin

Date: November, 2014

Press: Renmin University of China Press


The book adapts the German writing style to divide the whole teaching material into two parts: upper and lower two volumes and a total of eight series. The first three series are about general introduction, respectively for the debt and the debt law, debt transfer, debt security. The last five series are for specific introduction, respectively for the contract and contract law, the contract transfer, the contract responsibility, the famous contract, and other debt. Specific provisions mainly introduce the rules of the contract law, and the causelessness of debt management, debt of unjust enrichment and unilaterally promissory debt are also introduced. With Removal of repeated part of the debt law and contract law in the content, the book builds up the logic relationship between them, so that the reader is easier to grasp the panorama of the debt law and have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of the obligation law.

(Editor: Fang Xiaoyi)

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