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[9th] Series Lectures of Study on History of Law under Global View of History: ¡°The Formation of Emperor Liu Xi(six seals)¡¯s System¡±

On October 17th, Lecture on ¡°The Formation of Emperor Liu Xi(six seals)¡¯s System¡± was given at Renmin Law School by ABE Yukinobu (¤¢¤Ù・¤æ¤­¤Î¤Ö), Professor of Faculty of Letters, Chuo University. After graduated from Faculty of Literature, Prof. ABE Yukinobu got his Master¡¯s and Doctor¡¯s Degree from Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo. His shining opinions could be found in many of his academic papers collected in famous journals.

The lecture was the 9th session of the Series Lectures of Study on History of Law under Global View of History. Professors from Renmin University of China, Beijing Technology and Business University and Chinese Academy of Social Science and the Deputy Editor of China Social Science Press were present. Associate Prof. Zhu Teng of Renmin Law School served as the host.

Prof. ABE Yukinobu first introduced the fields of his specialty: the structure and development of the governing body in Han Dynasty and the relationship between the national order of Han Dynasty and the world order (including the concept of ¡°world¡±). Based on the works of three Japanese scholars, he pointed out their limitations and came up with his own points of view. In his opinion, Xing Xi(Xing seal)was from Chu Dynasty and mainly used against feudatory while Xin Xi(Xin seal) was the outcome of the combination of the systems of Qi Dynasty and Han Dynasty and mainly used against feudal ministers. The emerging of Emperor Xi (emperor¡¯s seal) in late Western Han Dynasty indicated the universalization and relativity of the Emperor system. He also pointed out that the Emperor¡¯s superiority was not an absolute thing which could only be acquired in a fictitious feudal system.

Prof. ABE Yukinobu¡¯s original point of view and rigorous attitude were highly praised and further study and works were expected. Professors and students communicated with Prof. ABE Yukinobu after the lecture which made it a huge success.

(Editor: Wu Huimin)

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