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Ding Xiaodong: Democracy & Science in American Constitution


Democracy and Science constituted the two main theories for interpreting contemporary American constitution. As for the democratic theory, the authority of American constitution comes from the supreme will of people¡¯s democracy which it represents; while for the scientific theory, it is exactly scientific rationality. <Democracy & Science in American Constitution> built a basic frame structure of ¡°Democracy¡± and ¡°Science¡±, reconsidered theoretical and practical disputes of contemporary American constitutional theory. This book pointed out that all those disputes, in practical, are derived from the tension, conflict and conciliation between democracy and science. Meanwhile, it stressed that contemporarily American society indeed, have more of the characteristics of cave politics and theology Politics. In this case, we¡¯d better jump out of the box, take the new perspectives of political theology and political philosophy; so as to take another thorough consideration of American constitution, and the connection between democracy and science.

(Edited by Liu Xiaolin)

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