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Zhang Shiming: Law ,Resource & Space-time Restriction


This book includes chapters of Introduction, Frontier Nationalities, Judicial Field, Military War, Economic Development, with an amount of three million, which to some extern is a version of history of Qing dynasty. Different from normal historical book, this book put emphasis on problem historiography, and focused on the triangular relationship between law, resource and space-time restriction, which is what the utmost spirits lie.

In the book, The volume 2 are primarily about how the political situation form from 17th to 18th century. And the volume 3 are more concentrated on the comparative research on China and western military force between 18th and 19th century. The volume 4 range from 18th to 20th century, whose subject is bargain in judicial field. The volume 5 restricted to 19th and 20th century, with research on the development of economic resources, construction of nation-state, transition of space-time theory.

The author, in writing this book, was trying to seek some general rules: first ids the general rules among subjects; secondly is what came from old time to present; and third is that lies in the transition of law.

The author thought that research on law of Chinese characteristics which stressed on feeling manage law should be coincidentally feeling managed. This book referred to deep description in cultural exposition of Gilds, making regional knowledge tends to general theories. In this case, the Guangming Daily (Volume 11. November 2012Frontiers of History in ChinaVolume 8. Number 3. September 2013and many newspapers have been reported.

(Editor: Liu Xiaoling)

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