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Series Lectures of Comparative Law: ¡°Legal Regulation on Network Crowdfunding in Japan¡±

On 17th November, 2016, Professor Ise from School of Law of Kansai University was invited to give a lecture on ¡°Legal Regulation on Network Crowdfunding in Japan¡± in Renmin Law School. Professor Ding Xiangshun of Renmin Law School served as the host and Master Student Wang Xijia was the interpreter. Professor Meng Yanbei and Associate Professor Yin Shaoping were also present.

After a brief introduction of the definition of Network Crowdfunding and its development in Japan, Professor Ise mainly introduced the types of Network Crowdfunding as well as the legal risks each party is taking. By comparison with American legal system, he analyzed the legal regulation problems in small-and-medium-sized enterprises in Japan and gave his suggestions.

Taking China¡¯s ¡°Internet Plus¡± Initiative as an example, Professor Meng pointed out that law should always be kept up with the development of technology and society. More attention should be paid to the legal regulation on Internet economy. Associate Professor Yin mainly talked about some issues on Equity Crowdfunding.

During the Q & A link, Professor Ise made detailed explanations of each question put forward by the students. And Professor Ding made a brilliant conclusion.

(Editor: Wu Huimin)¡¡

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