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The Fifth “Asian Law School Dean Forum” Was Held in Law School of the National University of Singapore

From February 20-21, The fifth “Asian Law School Dean Forum”, hosted by law school of Renmin University of China and law school of the national university of Singapore, was held in Singapore. Nearly seventy of deans and professors from China, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and other Asia-Pacific regions took part in the BBS. The China education research association delegation, including more the 20 deans and professors from over 10 law schools of universities, attended the BBS. Professor Ha Dayuan, the dean of Renmin University, and professor Shi Yanan, the vice dean of the University attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Xufei, the deputy director of the foreign affairs office, the project coordinator of China,s law education research office of foreign affairs attended the meeting and participated in the organization of the meeting.

The theme of this BBS is "the Challenge And Cooperation for Asian Law Education Under the Background of Globalization And Cooperation". The guests discussed the question around six issues. Professor Simon Chestermen, the dean of the national university of Singapore law schooldelivered welcome speech before the meeting. He pointed that he argued that Dean Han’s idea about holding the Fifth “Asian Law School Dean BBS” in Singapore. He also pointed that Asian law schools had the same fate, similar historical background, and they should promote understanding each other through the platform, and jointly promote the development of law education, to form an Asian legal science education community.

In his speech, Dean Han had a retrospect of the initiate background, function and influence of the “Asian Law School Dean BBS”. The BBS, initiated by Renmin University law school, aimed at providing a platform for sharing law education fruits, promoting law education exchange and cooperation for Asian law education workers. It will become an important mechanism of integrating education resource and promoting law education cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2001, “Asian Law School Dean BBS” had been held for four times successively in Beijing(law school of Renmin University of China), Hainan(law school of Hainan University), Beijing(law school of Renmin University of China) and Seoul (law school of Korea University), and had made important progress. In the face of globalization, it is an important subject for Asian schools of law to maintain diversity in the process of development and cooperation. Dean Han hoped that all participants on the BBS could fully exchange their achievements and challenges in the process of development with each other, to promote the cooperation and exchange of Asian law education.

The BBS is divided into six parts. The first theme, named “the Role of Asian Law School”, aims to discuss how to balance the different roles of Asian law at the level of nation, region and globe. The second theme, named “Experiential Learning of Legal Education”, mainly discusses the role of experiential learning in Asia can or should play. The third theme, named “Interdisciplinary Project”, aimed at the importance of law students’ mastering in other disciplines and how to balance the demand of interdisciplinary knowledge and strict demand of law education. The fourth theme is “Information Technology And Law”. The participants discussed the development of information technology, including artificial intelligence, which will make an impact on law research and practice. The fifth theme, named “the Civil Law and Common Law”, mainly discusses the challenges and opportunities in training students to understand different legal tradition. The six theme, named “Asia’s Globalization and the Outlook of Law Education”, aims at rethinking if Asian law schools is trying to help students to enjoy the fruit of “Asian Century”, and training students to adapt to the “smaller” and “increasingly flatter” world.

During the visitDean Han visited law school of Singapore management university, and communicated with professor David Llewelyn, the vice dean and professor Liu Kongzhong. They exchanged views on cooperation and exchanges, and came to an idea of preliminary cooperation. In the meeting, Dean Han exchanged views on how to promote law education cooperation with many deans of law schools.

(Editor:Sui Chuan)

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