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The 2016 Human Rights Observation Symposium on Hotspots and Analysis

On Jan 12th, 2017, the 2016 Human Rights Observation Symposium on: Hotspots and Analysis was held successfully in Mingde Law Building 725.

Renmin University of China Human Rights Center and Renmin Law School held this symposium together. All participants, including Professor CHEN Youwu from Guangzhou University Law School, Professor LUO Yanhua from School of International Studies, Peking University, Professor LIU Hainian from Institute of International Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. LIU Genyin from China Society for Human Rights Studies, Professor LI Hongbo from China Foreign Affairs University Law School, Associate Professor LU Zhian from Fudan Law School, Professor WANG Xigen from Wuhan University Law School, Professor WANG Chenguang from Tsinghua Law School, Associate Professor WANG Bin from Nangkai Law School, Professor ZHU Xiaoqing from International Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor YANG Qinhuo from Institute of Human Rights of China University of Political science and Law, Lecturer WANG Liwan from China University of Political science and Law, Dean HAN Dayuan from Renmin Law School, Professor GU Chunde, Associate Professor ZHU Liyu from Renmin Law School, Chief Editor YE Chuanxin from Human rights, Associate Professor LU Haina from Renmin Law School, Deputy Secretary General CHEN Zhengong from China Foundation For human Rights Development, Mr. FANG Ming from China Renmin Univerisity Press and students from Renmin Law School.

The Chair Professor ZHU Liyu introduced all scholars and expressed welcome, and he also gave a brief introduction about the magazine Human Rights which welcome all suggestions.

Then Dean HAN delivered a welcome speech, he thanked all support and clarified the main topic of this symposium: a round-up of human rights hotspots in china and world.

The first speaker was Professor LU Haina, she believed it was a good chance to sort out and communicate with experts. Meantime, she introduced main products from Renmin University of China Human Rights Center like books published by European Court of Human Rights and the Center.

Professor LUO Yanhua analyzed the advances and challenges in China¡¯s human rights development. She pointed out that china should strengthen the communication with Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to promote mutual understanding.

Professor LIU Hainian expressed to deepen understanding through human rights education and wished magazine Human Rights¡¯ leading role in human rights studies.

Professor WANG Chenguang believed that we should establish a theoretical human rights framework based on domestic human rights studies, and then promote china¡¯s human rights development.

Mr. CHEN Zhengong said this conference was of great meaningful. He held that china¡¯s human rights has improved a lot and help other countries. China also should strengthen human right education and cultivate culture to respond hotspots better.

Professor GU Chunde put forward that new developments has been made in 2016. In addition, all the new ideas and opinions have made great contributions but need further research.

Professor CHEN Youwu said that many articles related to human rights published in many presses, which demonstrates china attached great importance to it.

Professor WANG Xigen said that the top ten constitutional law cases were specific human rights questions. The learned articles in magazine played a important role in international communication.

Professor LU Zhian held that we should establish domestic human rights theory to tell a good Chinese story.

Mr. LIU Genyin put forward that the scholars on human rights are more and more and advance china¡¯s development which needs to be recognized by international society.

Professor WANG Bin believed that human rights study should emphasize on practical studies and communication. We should emphasize on domestic study and depend less on western countries.

Professor ZHU Xiaoqing said that the human rights were reflected in top 10 constitutional cases and contributed in practical areas.

Professor LIU Huawen said that the advances in china¡¯s human rights were obvious, but there were also one-sided problems. We should read it in a comprehensive way.

Professor YANG Qinhuo said that it was meaningful that international society and scholars need to know about china and have an effective communication to reach a mutual understanding.

Professor LI Hongbo pointed out that china¡¯s human rights study shall enter the second stage: from negative human rights to active. In this context, the constitutional articles shall exert its effect.

Mr. FANG Ming spoke from the point of publishing. Renmin University of China Human Rights Center has already the compilation of textbooks and is continuing the translation of classical case-law, which is a boost to human right education.

Dean HAN summarized that the 2017 developing direction was to guarantee society fairness. Combined the central party¡¯s attention in human rights, we believed that social human rights theory will develop further.

After four hours¡¯ communication, all experts analyzed hotspots from different views and wished a bright future. Looking forward to bigger progress in china¡¯s human rights!

(Editor: ZHAN Hefei)

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