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The 2016-2017 sub-session of the food safety legal system in East Asia was held in RUC successfully

On March, 18th, the 2016-2017 sub-session of the food safety legal system in East Asia was held in RUC successfully. It was hosted by Renmin University of Chinag, Food Safety Management Collaborative Innovation Center, and Renmin University of China Criminal Law Science Research Center, and received strong support from the Sam Walton Food Safety Law Chair.

Dean Han, deputy director of Food Safety Management Collaborative Innovation Center, first gave a speech. He introduced the background and the meaning of the subject and wished for the success of the seminar. Chen Xu, deputy director of the China Food and Drug Administration Legal Affairs Department, congratulated on the convening of the meeting and introduced the emphasis that Chinese government take on food safety. Prof. Qingmu Renzhi from Hitotsubashi University briefly introduced the research situation of Hitotsubashi University for this meeting. Besides, he pointed out the necessity that government and social public support and cooperate in the program. Prof. Li Qichun from Pusan National University, introduced the specific situation of transgenic organism law issues in South Korea.

After the plenary meeting, the seminar was held in the form of sub-committee. The first one is themed with research on transgenic food safety law system, the second is criminal legal system in food safety, and the third one is the consumer protection legal system.

The first one was held by Prof. Hu Jinguang. Prof. Tianzhong Lianghong from Niigata University gave the report legal situation of Japanese transgenic food. And Prof. Li Qichun from Pusan National University gave a detailed introduction of precautionary principle and perpetrator liability principle.

Seminar in the afternoon was presided over by Prof. Ji Ping from agricultural development school. Prof. Yang Jianshun, designed the transgenic food safety risk control system from regulation and development theory. And Prof. Zhu Xiao made a detailed report on Chinese transgenic food law. Prof. Song Hualin from Nankai University focused on the current situation and legal framework of regulatory governance and made his own views on how to supervise it in the future.

The second one was hosted by Prof. Shi Yanan. Professor Wang Yunhai gave different interpretation on the effects of three legal sanctions making on food safety crime. Prof. Chen Canping, dean of Tianjin University of Finance & Economics law school, talked about the possibility of putting food safety crimes into the crime of public safety. Prof. Wang Wenhua from Beijing Foreign Studies University focused on the identification and punishment of online food safety crime.

The final one was held in Pusan National University, in which assistant professor Xiong Bingwan participated. He pointed out that the consumer punitive damages system we have, and the consumers have the right to request punitive damage compensation.

This seminar among three counties talked about many cutting-edged issues. Scholars have collided with the spark of thought and provided significant reference to the theory and practice of food safety law.

Editor: Zhang Wenke

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