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"The Current Situation and Prospect of IT and Law" Seminar

At the invitation of Korea Kyungpook National University School of Law, Professor Guo He, the vice president of intellectual property school, Professor Li Chen from Intellectual Property Department, Associate Professor Zhang Guangliang and Professor Wan Yong Professor Liu Pinxin from Department of Science Evidence on February 13, 2017 went to South Korea Daegu City, participated in the International Symposium on "Status and Prospects of IT and Law" jointly organized by Kyungpook National University Law School and our law school. Kyungpook National University is an historic university, its strength, discipline is complete, known as "Jiangnan first comprehensive university." The level of education of Law Kyungpook National University in South Korea in national institutions to be in a leading position. The school has a special Institute of Information Technology Act, which is second to none in Korean universities. In addition, South Korea is also the first to carry the American legal education.

During the visit, our delegation met with Prof. Wu Youjie, Vice Dean Professor Li Enzheng and Professor Li Dongzhi, Dean of Law School of Gyeongbuk University, and reviewed the exchanges and cooperation between the two schools, and on their respective talents Mode, professional settings, advantages of disciplines and other topics were communicated. In addition, the two sides also on how to further strengthen the future cooperation between the two houses in-depth discussion. Kyungpook National University president has the right to put forward recommendations on the subject of both schools of the forum next year. At the invitation of the owner, the delegation also specifically examined the court library and moot court, laboratory and other teaching and research facilities of Kyungpook National University School of Law.

On February 14, the official start of the seminar, the seminar was presided by the Minister of Law Professor Shen Rongxiu Research Institute Kyungpook National University, Dean of Law Kyungpook National University professor Jin Chenglong, Kyungpook National University School of Law Dean Professor FITOP rights, China Professor Guo Wo, vice president of the Institute of Intellectual Property of Renmin University of China, gave an opening speech.

The first session was chaired by Professor Jin Xiaoxin Kyungpook National University School of Law. Associate Professor Zhang Guangliang discussed the system design, functional orientation, jurisdiction, personnel composition and rules of the establishment of the intellectual property court in China, such as the localized thinking of the design of the intellectual property court system. Professor Che Xianglu commented and asked questions about the jurisdiction of the Chinese Intellectual Property Court and the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal. Subsequently, Professor Pei Dahe from Kyungpook National University introduced himself to research "electronic signature certification of international cooperation programs," Professor Li Chen raised relevant issues status quo electronic signature legislation China, South Korea electronic signature related cases, electronic signature South Korea and other countries of mutual development of the, and Professor Pei Dahe conducted in-depth communication and discussion.

The second session of the meeting was chaired by Professor Li Dongzhi of Kyungpook National University. Professor Guo Wo,s report entitled "Legal properties of radio spectrum resources" report, from the physical properties of radio spectrum, property attributes, public goods properties, the current emergence of the three radio spectrum allocation patterns were discussed. Professor Pei Dahe, Kyungpook National University, commented on the current use of the radio spectrum resource utilization model in China, the entry of foreign communication companies to the Chinese market and other issues, and Professor Guo He had a communication. In the following year, Prof. Shen Rongxiu of Kyungpook National University published a speech entitled "Legal Debate on the Consent Order System of Broad Communication Market", and the background of the agreement system of Korean broadcasting and communication market, users and practitioners of the different reactions were analyzed, and with the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) of the consent system was compared. Professor Wan Yong of our institute introduced the commitment system in the antitrust law of our country similar to the Korean Consent Order system, and communicated with Professor Shen Rongxiu how to ensure the public participation and the enterprise,s postponement in the use of the consent system in Korea.

The third session was chaired by Professor Jin Chenglong Kyungpook National University. Professor Liu Pinxin of our institute gave a speech entitled "The Rules of Electronic Evidence in China: Based on the Implementation of the Quick Start", and analyzed the key evidence and disputes in China,s fast broadcast cases, and analyzed the electronic evidence. The real rules were reviewed, and the obstacles, reinforcement and review of the electronic evidence in the fast broadcast were put forward. South Korea Daegu local lawyers Association Li Zhengzhen lawyers in this session to comment, and Professor Liu Pinxin on the extraction of electronic evidence lawyers should play a role and role in-depth exchanges.

During the seminar, the discussions were very enthusiastic, and the scholars of the two academies had been very earnestly prepared for the relevant topics. The meeting has deepened the academic understanding of each other, and have benefited from the exchange. Both sides expressed the hope that they would have the opportunity to deepen cooperation on issues of common concern.

(Editor: ZHAN Hefei)

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