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A Historical Study of Judges and The Rule of Law in the West[27 April]

Subject: A historical Study of Judges and the Rule of Law in the West.

Speaker: Hans Petter Graver

Language: English

Time: 10.00-11.30am,April 27,2017.

Venue: 725 Mingde Law Building

Organizer: Education and Research Center for Social Law in Renmin University of China; Renmin University of China Human Rights Center£¨National Education and Training Base).

Speaker's Bio:

Hans Petter Graver is professor of Law at the University of Oslo.His research encompasses a broad range of issues within law ,sociology and legal theory. Professor Graver was Dean of the Faculty of Law until the end of 2015.Before entering into the Academy in 1993,he worked as legal counsel at the attorney general¡¯s office in Norway.He also has experience from the Ministry of Public Administration.Professor is a member,and was Vice President of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in 2016.He is also chair of the Complaint Board for access to environmental information.


In this talk professor Graver will apply institutional theory as developed in the study of the history of economic development and political order to the development of law.The theoretical contributions he takes as a starting point are the institutional theory developed by Douglass C. North and the theory of Francis Fukuyama on the development of political order.The concept of institution is central to both theories.A main feature of institutional theory is path dependence.Applying institutional theory may contribute to our knowledge of how the legal order resists outside pressures, and under what conditions this resistance breaks down.Gaining more insight into this is important under current circumstances when the legal institutions are under pressure and attack in many countries, even in the Western world.

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