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"Basic Law and Discipline Construction of Social Law" Seminar and the Successful Establishment of the Social Law of the Renmin University of China

In order to further promote the development of the construction of social law and the development of the rule of law in social law and promote the improvement of the basic theory and subject of social law. On April 15, 2017, Renmin Law School and its social law teaching center held "the basic category of social law and discipline construction" seminar in Law Building 601 International Conference Hall. Leaders from the Chinese Law Society, the Standing Committee of the National People,s Congress Standing Committee, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and other relevant leaders and professors from Peking University, Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, Jilin University , Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Central University of Finance and Economics, China Institute of Labor Relations and many other well-known social law experts gathered on the basic categories of social law and discipline construction To carry out the exchange of discussions, the meeting was a complete success.

The opening ceremony and the founding ceremony of the Social Law of the Renmin Law School was chaired by Prof. Li Jianfei from the Renmin Law School. Vice Chairman of China Law Society, Zhang Mingqi, President of China Society of Social Law Research, Guo Linmao, Director of Social Law Department of Law Committee of NPC Standing Committee, Director of Law Division of Human Resources and Social Security Department of China, Rui Lixin, Deputy Secretary of Legal Affairs, All-China Federation of Trade Unions Minister Zhang Ruiling, Dean of the School of Law of Renmin University of China, made their speeches respectively.

On behalf of the China Law Society and the China Society of Social Law, Chairman Zhang Mingchuan expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the convening of this seminar and the establishment of the Social Law of the Renmin University of China, and expressed high respect to the colleagues. He said that social law is an independent legal department in the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, which is related to the development of economy and people,s livelihood and the harmony and stability of society. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core will comprehensively promote the rule of law as an important part of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, put forward the integration of the rule of law country, the rule of law society, the rule of law government, put forward new and higher requirements to the legal research. President Zhang Mingqi, said the establishment of social law is a social event in China, he fully affirmed the Renmin Law School in the construction of social law pioneer status and social law education. In addition, Zhang Ming from the point of view of the Law Society put forward three specific recommendations: First, do a good job in the direction of social law disciplines, the second is to strengthen the social law disciplines team building and personnel training, the third is to enhance the social science disciplines of scientific research Level. Finally, President Zhang came to the future of Social Law, and wished the seminar a complete success.
In his speech, Prof. Guo Linmao congratulated the establishment of social law of Renmin Law School. He said that social law as a new sector law, started late, there are still many problems need to study. With the economic and social development, the task of social legislation is more and more arduous. The establishment is a forward-looking work and a spirit of social play. Secondly, Director Guo Linmao made a few suggestions on the basic categories of social law. In his view, according to China,s actual situation, in order to determine the basic categories of social law we have to consider the following questions: First, to correctly deal with the relationship between other sectors of the law, the second is to consider the basic characteristics of social law, the third is to comply with the basic principles of law society. Next, Guo Linmao made a brief introduction to the general situation and main tasks of the Social Law Department of the Renmin Law School, and hoped that through the joint efforts of all, we would promote the development of social law and the improvement of the system of social rule of law.
In his speech, Director Rui Lixin congratulated the establishment, which he thought was a very meaningful thing£¬which is the necessity of social law in theory and practice level: First, the social law is the development of social life need of our country, the second is the social field to promote the rule of law need, the third is the law of social law development need. Secondly, Rui Lixin thought that the significance of the establishment of its performance is also feasible. Renmin Law School is the focus of China,s legal research, the strength is very strong and full of social law talents. He proposed the following several suggestions on the study of social law: First, to both the breadth and depth, the second is to take into account the macro strategic thinking and micro-technology research, the third should pay attention to legislation, law enforcement, law and other aspects of the rule of law.
Vice Minister Zhang Ruiling said in his speech that he was very pleased to see today,s seminars and ceremonies. She argued that labor law and social security law are an important part of both the broad and the narrow social laws. Labor relations are important contents of legal research in social law. As a union worker, it is hoped that social law can be given more attention to trade union and trade union law. On the one hand, there are many important problems in the field of labor relations that need to be studied. On the other hand, the characteristics of Chinese trade unions need academic attention and in-depth study.
Professor Han Dayuan on behalf of the law school welcomed the leadership, the arrival of experts and scholars. He hoped everyone in the future as always, pay attention and support the Renmin Law School social law disciplines construction and development. He briefly reviewed the process of the establishment of social law, and said that the social law discipline as an independent doctoral point in the next year began to recruit doctoral students, means that from the formation of an independent academic character, discipline system, theoretical system and curriculum system. Professor Han Dayuan also introduced in recent years, Renmin Law School and Harvard, Yale, Oxford University and other foreign well-known institutions of law in the field of social law cooperation, look forward to the future development of disciplines, to create a traditional law and private law The new research areas to lead the future of the legal trends and development, and ultimately carry out the general secretary of Xi Jinping "people-centered" development thinking, to achieve human dignity, human rights protection and human standards. Finally, Professor Han Dayuan once again thanked the guests for their support, and wish the conference a complete success.
Then, Professor Lin Jia gave a brief introduction to the background and profile of social law of Renmin University of China. Professor Lin Jia said that the traditional "foster care" model of social law disciplines does not match the important position of social law and should be independent from civil and commercial law and economic law in order to adapt to the economic and social development of social law academic research and personnel training¡¯s urgent need. The teaching and research of social law in the law school has a long history tradition, and the older generation represented by the professor of care has made outstanding contributions to the theoretical research and discipline construction of labor law since the 1950s. At present, the Law and Law Department of Renmin Law School has a unique advantage in terms of faculty strength, research foundation, personnel training, international cooperation and social service, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the two disciplines of social law. Professor Lin Jia expressed gratitude for the support of all walks of life in the process of the establishment of social law of Renmin Law School and hoped that in the future, we would be able to recruit outstanding doctoral and master,s degree programs in social law from various colleges and universities to carry out cooperation with experts and scholars in the construction of social law.
The conference was divided into two parts: "the basic category of social law" and "social law discipline construction", each session was divided into two parts, respectively, in the form of topics and special reports in the form of academic exchanges and experience sharing

The first session of social law was "the basic category of social law", presided by the Peking University Party Secretary Ye Jingyi.
Prof. Wang Quanxing, School of Law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, made a speech on "Multiple meanings and their meanings in the social sphere". From the definition of the connotation and extension of social law, he talked about the understanding of the term "society" in terms of the scope of beneficiaries, the content of development, the main body of governance, the basic attributes of law and the method of legal research. Professor Wang Quanxing clearly pointed out that the important embodiment of the modernization of state governance system and governance ability lies in the construction of the rule of law society, and the construction of the rule of law society includes the socialization of the rule of law and the rule of law in society. There is no doubt that the social law is an important cut in the building of rule of law society.
Tsinghua University School of Law Professor Zheng Shangyuan proposed for the understanding of social law in the 1930s the Republic of China jurisprudence will be controversial, and the Anglo-American law and civil law on the use of social law differences and civil law in France, Japan, Germany and China Taiwan and other countries and regions, the concept of understanding is different in the case of the world today, the understanding of social law has not yet reached a consensus. Professor Zheng Shangyuan said he was inclined to Germany and Taiwan,s understanding, that the scope of social law should not be too wide.
Jilin University Law School Professor Feng Yanjun said that the establishment was exciting, the future at the right time will also promote the Jilin University Law School of social law independent. In his view, the development of a discipline needs to have its own category, theory and method, and the category is a prerequisite. The basic category of social law needs to sort out from the four aspects of social law, social rights, social weak and social justice, that is, social law means to play the function of promoting social justice by guaranteeing the social rights of the social weak.
Wuhan University Law School Professor Zhang Rongfang believed that although the social law contains the labor law and social security law two main content, but there is still a difference. Because of our unique tradition, there has been no clear boundary, leading to a series of problems, such as economic compensation system in the scope and standards are too high, such as the employer on the payment of premiums belong to Labor disputes or administrative disputes. So the future should be clear the boundaries and distinction between the two, otherwise it will affect the further development of the discipline.
Nanjing Audit University Law School Professor Qin Guorong thought that the development of social law disciplines need to learn from the experience and lessons of economic law disciplines, in particular, the following ideas: First, do not first delineate the scope, otherwise it may not lead to logic; Second, to have their own basic logic and theoretical context; Third, the basic theory of social law should be with the department law, the corresponding laws.
Professor Zhao Hongmei of the School of Civil and Commercial Economics and Law at China University of Political Science and Law argued that there is still doubt as to whether public-private co-ordination is related to the basic categories of social law and that most of the current content is only public-private, and there is no real integration, such as labor administration is under the scope of administrative law. But the social law also has a real integration of the content, one of the most typical is the "Labor Law" Article 91 and "Labor Contract Law" Article 85; there are some fusion of qualitative changes after the content, such as collective labor relations. Social law scholars should distinguish between qualitative change after fusion, cross, and fusion.
Xie Zengyi, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, elaborated his views on the basic categories of social law from the following three aspects. First, the basic categories of social law. In addition to the existing law, the existing system, the value, philosophy, rights and obligations, especially the right system should also be the basic content. Second, the basic categories of social law should be established to correctly handle the following relations: First, the relationship between extraterritorial theory and local practice, the second is academic discourse and political discourse is the relationship between the rule of law practice and the relationship between the rule of law. Thirdly, several important categories of social law, first of all, should fully respect the current definition of the concept of official social law; secondly, the concept of social rights may be too broad, perhaps from the welfare of the idea of doing research; thirdly, the function should ultimately be to promote personal development.
Professor Li Jianfei of the Law School of Renmin University of China believed that the biggest characteristic of social law is embodied in its social nature, which is embodied in the following four aspects: First, adjust the sociality of the object. Second, the social nature of legislative purposes. Third, adjust the sociality of the method. Fourth, the social way of relief. From the above four aspects, social law as an independent department law is no problem.
Professor Lin Jia of Renmin University of China believed that the study of the basic category is a gradually independent and mature foundation of the subject, the concept of social law in China should contain China,s own characteristics and logic, of course, can not do without social law scholars for the relevant concepts¡¯ the basic consensus. In the future, we need to pay more attention to the content of the commonality or characteristics that can be abstracted in social law, and carry out independent thinking, and construct the own category system while drawing on the relevant system and theory of other countries or regions.

The next session was presided by the Shanghai Maritime University Law School Professor Cao Yanchun.

The second session of the conference was the construction of social law and personnel training, experts and scholars around the curriculum system, practical teaching and talent needs of two aspects of exchange, Professor Cheng Yanyuan and Southwest University of Political Science and Law School of Economics and Law, Dong Sheng, associate professor chaired this session.
In the summary section, Professor Lu Haina said this event was the social law discipline construction and development of the stage summary and review, but also a good start. She believed the future of social law will certainly have a lot of common research and exchange opportunities, and jointly promote the development of social law disciplines, and finally, Vice President Lu Haina on behalf of the Renmin Law School to express her heartfelt thanks to the "social law of the basic categories and disciplines" seminar. The discipline was finally completed in a warm applause.
(Editor: ZHAN Hefei)

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