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The First Workshop of Joint Research Program: Paradigms of Internet Regulation in the EU and China Was Successfully Held

The Joint Research Program between our school and LMU Munich was held from April 19th to April 21th in Beijing.

Young scholars made theme reports on these subjects: Mapping Paradigms of Internet Regulation ¨C The Case of Internet Content Control in the European Union, Data Regulation in the Internet of Things, Fundamental Rights in the Digital Era, Horizontal Effect and the Distinction between ¡°State¡± and ¡°Society¡±, Public Accountability and Regulation Paradigms of Internet Service Providers, Risk Regulation in the Age of Internet Society, Self-regulation in the Shadow of Public Power: Driving China¡¯s Private Taxicabs Out of the Regulatory Gray Zone, The Boundary of Criminal Regulation in Cyberspace. Then they had a deep discussion on theories of internet regulation and problems arose from practices

The workshop also invited Dr. Hong Yanqing from the Peking University Internet Research Center, and cooperation vice president of ofo sharing bicycle strategic, Mr. Ma Yeming to make guest speeches. Dr. Hong made a report on a title of Chinese Cyber Regulation Regime: Reaching a Tipping Point, and introduced Chinese internet¡¯s legal regulation system and Cybersecurity Law of the People,s Republic of China. Based on specific operation situations of ofo sharing bicycles, Mr. Ma introduced the service mode of internet leasing bicycle industry and the current regulatory problems to the members of the research team.

During the workshop, group members also visited two internet companies, the Tencent company and the Jiedaibao company, and respectively discussed with persons in charge and researchers of Tencent¡¯s Research Institute and the Jiedaibao company to learn about regulation and finance of Internet, protection of personal information and data, responsibility of network platform, and had a thorough discussion on the legitimacy of specific business model, data¡¯s property right and supervision of speeches on the internet etc.

Former president of Germany Administrative Court of Leipzig, Justice Bettina Dick and Director of Policy Research Center of International Department of China Internet Network Information Center, Dr. Han Liyun also attended this workshop.

The second workshop would be held in Munich in this year¡¯s September. This program¡¯s research achievements would be published in the forms of journals or albums.

Editor: Huang Yulu

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