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Our School¡¯s Twenty Years¡¯ Cooperation with Hong Kong SAR Jurisprudential Circle

This year was the 20 years¡¯ anniversary of the return of Hong Kong area. In 20 years, Hong Kong SAR had maintained prosperity and stability under the guidance of the policy of "One Country, Two Systems", and the legal exchanges with the mainland had become increasingly frequent. Renmin University of China School of law as the first established law school in new China, in the past 20 years, had always maintained extensive contacts with law schools and practical realm of Hong Kong SAR. It had outstanding contributions in personnel training, legal research and academic exchanges.

1. Co-cultivation of Legal Talents: Masters of Law in China (Hong Kong) Project

Before the return of Hong Kong area, RUC had signed a cooperative agreement on running schools under an official reply of the Ministry of Education. Since September 1995, RUC had continued the project with City University of Hong Kong School of Law. Through this way, students of Hong Kong residents, mainly from civil servants, lawyers and senior management personnel of corporation, had known legal system of the main land. Besides, school of law of RUC had designated professors to give lectures of frontiers of law annually and invited students from Hong Kong SAR to attend our school¡¯s academic activities. Although Hong Kong SAR belonged to areas of the Common Law System and the main land belonged to the Civil Law System and they had big differences from each other, the project had made great contributions on contacts and communications between main land and jurisprudential circle of Hong Kong SAR.

2. Participate in Legislation of the Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR

Since 80s of last century, experts and scholars from RUC School of Law like jurist of the Constitutional Law, Professor Xu Chongde, Professor Han Dayuan and Professor Hu Jinguang had made great contributions in the legislation of the basic law and relative activities. On December 14th of 2012, RUC and City U had jointly held an academic seminar of issues of the implementation of the Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR.

3. Proposal of forming a ¡°3+3 Academic Exchanges System¡±

Proposed by RUC School of Law, our school, Peking Law School, Tsinghua Law School and HKU School of Law, City U Law School had jointly formed a ¡°3+3 Academic Exchanges System¡±, aiming to provide a stable cooperative platform among these schools. From January 9th to 10th, 2017, our school had held an academic seminar ¡°The Value of Rule by Law under the Context of Globalization¡±. Under the System, these schools would hold forums and activities in the main land and Hong Kong SAR to facilitate cooperation and communication of each other.

4. Carry out cooperation with Hong Kong Legal Professionals

RUC School of Law had carried out many activities with Legislative Council, Department of Justice (hereinafter referred to as ¡°DOJ¡±) of HK SAR and the Law Society of Hong Kong. In August 2015, our school and DOJ had signed a cooperative agreement in Beijing to discuss relative legal problems of international arbitration, mediation and strategies of ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± Initiative.

5. Other Academic Exchange Activities

a. Annual Academic Seminars

b. Seminar on Comparison and Rule of Law of Criminal Justice Formulation in China and Britain

c. "Mainland ¨C Hong Kong" and "Mainland - Macao" Legal Development Summit Forum

d. Cross-strait, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR Civil Code Forums

6. Students Exchange Programs

Since 2014, our school and City U School of Law had signed an academic cooperation memorandum and undergraduates exchange agreements. In summer vacation of 2017, invited by DOJ, our school would designate two outstanding students to practice there.

In twenty years¡¯ cooperation, lots of legal talents who knew the law system of the main land and the basic law of Hong Kong SAR had sprung up. It had provided an important platform for each other¡¯s academic exchanges activities and was a driver of progress of academic research and jurisprudential practice. It had made great contribution on ¡°One Country, Two Systems¡± Policy. In the future, we would deepen our cooperation and made more progresses.

Editor: Huang Yulu

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