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The Justice System Reform in Japan and the Professional Law School Education: Its Establishment in 2004 and the Challenges in 2017[22 Sept]

Speaker£ºProfessor MIYAGAWA Shigeo£¬Waseda University Faculty of Law

Time£º9:00a.m., 22nd of September, 2017

Venue£ºRoom305, Mingde Law Building


I. The Justice System Reform and the Law School System introduced in 2004


The 2001 Recommendations of Justice System Reform Council (relevant portions to be distributed)

Satoru Shinomiya, ¡°Current Situation and Challenges of Clinical Legal Education in Japan¡±

Hiroshi Oda, ¡°Administration of Justice in Japan¡±

¡°Legal Profession in Japan¡±

II. Developments of Clinical Legal Education in Japan


Peter Joy, et al., ¡°Building Clinical Legal Education Programs in Japan¡±

Shigeo Miyagawa, et al., ¡°Japan¡¯s New Clinical Programs: A Study of Light and Shadow¡±

Shigeo Miyagawa, ¡°Developments and Challenges of Clinical Legal Education in Japan¡±

III. Is There Any Difference in the Doctrinal Legal Education and the Professional Legal Education?


Dan Rosen, ¡°Japan¡¯s Law School System: The Sorrow and the Pity¡±

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