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Zhu Teng: The Promulgation of the Statute and Ordinance in Qin and Han dynasties

In Qin and Han dynasties, the power of the emperor was the fountain of all kinds of powers. The statute and ordinance, as the institutional presentation of the will of the emperor, had the strong function to unify the words and actions of the subjects. In order to carry out the rule of statute and ordinance, the courts of Qin and Han tried to promulgate the statute and ordinance to the subjects to let them know the regulation of law. Among the government, the extraction of the statute and ordinance and compilation of the context of characters, which was full of the terms of law, met the need of the officials to acquaint with the law to some extent. In the local society, the plebs also positively or passively acquired the knowledge of law. The words, yiliweishi, bianshu, songdu written in the descendant and excavated documents just revealed the process. Of course, the emphasis on the promulgation of the statute and ordinance was the succession and improvement to the re-establishment of the norm in pre-Qin period, rather than the innovation of the courts in Qin and Han dynasties.

Keywords: the Statute and Ordinance, Promulgation, Extraction, Bianshu, the State of Settelement.

(Editor: Liu Xiaoling)

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