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Cooperation between Renmin Law School and University of Munich: "Internet regulation paradigm of EU and China" Second Seminar

From September 2nd to 5th, 2017, cooperation project between Renmin Law School and Faculty of Law, University of Munich, ¡°the Internet regulation paradigm of EU and China¡± second seminar was held in Munich.

Each side set up their own team composing of youth scholars. The Chinese team comprised Associate Professor Yu Wenguang, Associate Professor Chen Xuan, Associate Professor Ding Xiaodong, Assistant Professor Xiong Bingwan and PhD student Tian Wei. The German team comprised Christoph Krönke, Michael M¨¹ller, Laura M¨¹nkler, Walther Michl and Daniel Wolff.

Cooperation project selected ¡°Internet legal regulation¡± issue to carry out joint research, which had both theoretical and practical significance to China and Germany. Through systematic and theoretic comparison between German, Chinese and the EU¡¯s internet regulation, the project sought a balance between over-regulation and deregulation, governmental regulation and self-regulation. The project hoped to comprehensively display internet regulation spectrum, aiming at exploring a more scientific and effective legal regulation paradigm under respective constitutional and political framework. In April, the first seminar of cooperation project was held in Beijing.

Professor Christian Walter at Faculty of Law, University of Munich, attended the seminar. He spoke highly of the cooperation, and expected the project to achieve high-quality results. Professor Walter also delivered a guest speech entitled ¡°Cyber Security as a Challenge for Public International Law¡± for research teams.

In the three-day seminar, scholars made following reports: Fundamental Rights in project the Digital Era; Horizontal Effect and the Distinction between ¡°State¡± and ¡°Society¡±; Space as a Paradigm of Internet Regulation; Self-Regulation in the Shadow of Public Power; Digital Border Control; Boundary of Criminal Regulation in Cyberspace; What Is Data Privacy: A Comparative View; Internet Security in Times of International Terrorism. Scholars also had an in-depth discussion over internet service provider¡¯s responsibility, the effectiveness of the third party in the protection of basic rights, the significance of space and boundary on internet regulation, network security and critical information infrastructure protection, data and privacy protection, etc. Discussion referred to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016), German Network Enforcement Act (2017), and Chinese Network Security Law (2016).

The seminar also invited Dr. Sandra Wachter at Oxford Internet Institute as a guest speaker. Dr. Wachter made a speech entitled ¡°the Ethics of Big Data, AI and Robotics¡±, analyzing whether there was a right to explanation in the big data, artificial intelligence and robotics. Dealing with big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging technologies, she suggested constructing a regulation with holism.

Project members also visited the High Administrative Court of Bavaria (Bayerischer Verwaltungsgerichtshof). A symposium with Vice President Dr. Erwin Allesch, the High Administrative Court of Bavaria and Judge Sabine Lotz-Schimmelpfennig, the President of Bavaria Administrative Court Judges Association, was held. They had an in-depth discussion on Internet regulation problems in German judicial practice, such as compliance of online car-hailing services.

On the basis of the success of two seminars, the cooperation project was expected to published an English journal album next year. Associate Professor Yu Wenguang and Dr. Christoph Krönke were also invited to make reports in the LMU - ChAN Scientific Forum on October 28th.

Through in-depth communications, the project members felt the necessity to carry out international cooperation and comparative study in Internet regulation field. They hoped the project could make responses to the challenges that Internet brought to traditional legal system, and benefit future research and practice.

(Editor: CHEN Pei)

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