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Renmin Law School co-sponsored the International Conference on Compilation and Publishing of Environmental Codes of Various Countries

From October 21 to October 22, 2017, " International Conference on Compilation and Publishing of Environmental Codes of Various Countries " was successfully held at Gloria Hotel Dongsheng in Beijing. The conference was sponsored by the Law Society of Environmental Law of China Law Society and co-organized by Law Press, Law School of Renmin University of China, Law School of Peking University, Law School of Tsinghua University, Law School of Wuhan University and Law School of Fuzhou University.

This symposium, with the theme of introducing and exchanging the ideas, experiences, lessons and key issues of enacting environmental code, provides experiences for compiling and publishing the draft environmental laws and regulations of various countries in our country.The conference attracted nearly 100 experts and scholars from universities in China, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Russia, research institutes, public organizations and substantive departments.

Lv Zhongmei, director of Chinese Law Society Environmental Resources Law Research Association and Professor of Tsinghua University Law School made an address. Professor Lv Zhongmei welcomed the participants and hoped that the conference could strongly promote the exchange and communication among foreign scholars in the environmental law and speed up and promote compilation and theoretical research on the domestic environmental code.

In his speech, Lu Zhongmei said: "China is in a new historical era. The 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is now under way. In his three and a half hour ,19 National Congress ,report, Chairman Xi mentioned that Ecological civilization ,12 times,, beautiful China ,8 times,, green ,15 times. In a new historical period, a country should have his own responsibility, and his own contribution to the promotion of environmental codification is a concrete manifestation of the needs of our generation of environmental law scholars in answering the needs of this era and our historic mission.

Director of Policy and Law Department of MEP Bie Tao shared his personal academic thinking on "appropriate codification."
Scholars from France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Sweden reviewed the history and successful experiences of countries in compiling environmental code and introduced the main contents, functions, principles, changes, complexities and prospects of national environmental codes, including details of the process and lessons learned from the preparation of the environmental Code. Chinese scholars focus on the preconditions, the importance and the ways to achieve the codification of China,s environmental law.

Prof. Li Yanfang and Prof. Zhu Xiao from our institute participated in the conference and led a lively discussion. He summarized and commented on the outline of the lectures of experts from various countries and put forward constructive views and reflections.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, a number of special issues concerning the translation of the Environmental Code of Practice (France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Russia and Cambodia) were also discussed in groups. Foreign experts participated in the discussions and guidance.

Professor Zhu Jiao, lecturer Dr. Li Jun and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Mo Fei respectively served as the translators for the Swedish Environmental Code, the Italian Environmental Code and the French Environmental Code. This series of Chinese translation plans to publish by the end of 2018 by law press.
The meeting provided a good opportunity for domestic and foreign scholars to exchange ideas and dialogues, and promoted the exchange of experiences both at home and abroad concerning the compilation of environmental codes. It also provided theoretical support for substantive departments. The convening of this meeting is conducive to theoretical and practical circles to unify their thinking and speed up the promotion of the codification of environmental legislation, theoretical groundwork and practical exploration. In recent years, the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the center proposed to strengthen the building of ecological civilization and build a beautiful China. The meeting coincided with the convening of the 19th Plenary Session of the CPC and was a positive response of the Renmin University of China Law School to the decision made by the Party Central Committee, to promote the improvement of environmental legislation, law enforcement and the judiciary in our country is of great significance and value!

(Editor:ZHAN Hefei)

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