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Feng Yujun: the Evaluation of Chinese Legal System and its Effect

Abstract: Law is the fundamental equipment for ruling, and good law is the premise for ruling well. A well-established legal system is not only the primary concern in building our legal system, but also the symbol for a country under rule of law, and a guarantee for a steady regime and social development. In order to summarize the lessons learned from the quantized evaluation of rule of law, and make a macroscopic evaluation on rule of law, we should hold on to clear values, refers to rigorous and logic theories, and pay attention to logic consistency when designing criteria and counting, to achieve a collective research from various subjects, categories and aspects. Therefore in evaluation of conditions of rule of law in our country, we should (1)build the evaluation system on whether its complete, scientific, democratic, and whether its under supervision;(2)carefully design questionnaires separately for the public, the legal experts and the legal practitioners;(3)use the method of both selective sampling and purposive sampling;(4)investigate the condition of Chinese legal system and reach a reliable result. And further provide help in improving Chinese legal system with the Constitution at its core.

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