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The Third Criminal Law Roundtable Discussion was Held Successfully

On December 11, 2017, the Third Criminal Law Roundtable Discussion was held in Meeting Room 725 of Mingde Law Building successfully. Professor Richard Vogler and Professor Shahrzad Fouladvand from University of Sussex were invited to attend the meeting. Professor Shi Yanan, director of the Research Center of Criminal Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China, Professor Wei Xiaona, Associate Professor Cheng Lei, Associate Professor Deng Jinting and some doctoral students and postgraduates majored in Criminal Procedure Law participated in the seminar. Professor He Jiahong, member of Academic Committee of the research center, presided over the seminar.

Based on the practical situation of two countries the scholars¡¯ were from, the roundtable discussion centered on the hot issues in current criminal justice. Scholars from both UK and China had a warm discussion and fully communication closely around anti-corruption, plea bargaining and pretrial detention.

In the ¡°anti-corruption¡± topic discussion, Professor He Jiahong introduced China¡¯s determination and effort put into anti-corruption after the 18th National Congress of CPC. He put emphasis on the analysis of the supervisory system reform, which thoroughly revealed the great change of power allocation mode ¨C from legislative power, law enforcement power and judicial power to legislative power, law enforcement power, judicial power and state supervisory power. Shi Yan¡¯an, vice dean of Renmin Law School, closely surrounding the case of Li Huabo as well as other cases occurred in recent years, gave a detailed introduction to China¡¯s position and methods of recovering the assets of the fugitive corrupt officials and elaborated the necessity and legality of the position and methods further from the top-level design and existing laws and regulations. From the perspective of preventing and combating organized crime, lecturer Shahrzad Fouladvand introduced the concept, characteristics and changing trends in recent years of organized crime based on the problem of corruption in Italy and analyzed the connection between organized crime and corruption problems in western countries. Associate Professor Deng Jinting put emphasis on the transformation of China¡¯s anti-corruption mode after the establishment of state supervisory committee. She commented that based on the pilots programs in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang, China was actively promoting the supervisory system reform and a unified, authoritative and efficient supervisory system had begun to take shape.

In the ¡°plea bargaining¡± topic discussion, Professor Richard Vogler introduced the main differences between the plea bargaining systems in the UK and the USA and analyzed the advantages and problems of the system in detail. Professor Wei Xiaona of Renmin Law School, starting from the development history of China¡¯s summary procedure, introduced the implementation of pilot system of recognizing guilt and punishing lenient in the stages of investigation, prosecution and trail and expressed her views on the problems existing in its implementation.

In the ¡°pretrial detention¡± topic discussion, Professor Richard Vogler pointed out the international rules of pretrial detention and introduced the problems caused by high detention rate. Professor Richard Vogler explained the newest theoretical achievements of pretrial detention. Associate Professor Cheng Lei analyzed the development and challenge of the reform which tried to set a litigation procedure before arresting suspect. Eventually, the seminar ended smoothly with both sides¡¯ in-depth exchanges and warm applause.

Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened. But if heeding only one side, you will be benighted. The success of the seminar not only efficiently built the communication platform between Scholars from the UK and China but also provided new perspectives, opinions and methods for the major issues in current criminal justice process form the perspective of comparative law. The academic exchanges between the Research Center and University of Sussex had lasted for three years and had made some achievements.

(Editor: Han Ying)

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