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Prof. Wang Wenjie, Dean of National Chengchi University (NCCU) law school, visited RUC law school, and signed the ¡°Agreement on Joint Master Training Program between RUC law school and NCCU law school¡±

On 8th, May, Professor Zhou Xingyi, president of National Chengchi University, led a delegation to visit RUC, and attended the co-organized ¡°NCCU Day¡± activity. Besides, the launching ceremony of ¡°NCCU Day¡± activity was held in Yifu Hall, during which Prof. Wang Yi, Dean of RUC law school, and Prof. Wang Wen Jie, dean of NCCU law school signed the ¡°Agreement on Joint Master Training Program between RUC law school and NCCU law school¡±. According to that agreement, RUC law school will carry out the cooperation on joint master education with NCCU, which will do much benefit to promoting the cross-strait legal education communication and cultivating outstanding legal talents across the strait.

On the afternoon of the same day, Prof. Wang Wenjie (dean of NCCU law school), and Prof. Xu Zhengxian (vice dean of NCCU law school) visited our law school, and had a discussion on ¡°Overview of Practice on the Development of Law¡± with teachers from our school. Prof. Lin Jia, Prof. Han Dayuan, Prof. Yao Hui, Prof. Yang Dong, Prof. Gao Shengping, and Associate Prof. Yao Huanqing, attended the seminar.

The two parties had communication on the cooperation situation, and the joint master education program. Prof. Lin Jia stated that there was a long history of cooperation between RUC and NCCU, and the official signing of the joint master education agreement is the significant achievement for the long-term cooperation. Prof. Wang Wenjie showed his appreciation to Prof. Han Dayuan for his effort on the establishment of the program. He also expressed that both sides would spare no effort to carry out the cooperation agreement. Prof. Han Dayuan, looked back on the history of this program, and pointed out the important role of this program on the student education and academic communication. Prof. Gao Shengping also exchanged his views on the implement of the agreement with Dean Wang Wenjie, and Vice Dean Xu Zhengxian.

Afterwards, the present teachers attended a seminar on ¡°Overview of Practice of Law Development¡±, after which Prof Lin Jia attended the ¡°NCCU Day¡± program report seminar on behalf of law school.

Editor: Zhang Wenke

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