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The Opening Ceremony of the fifth ¡°China-Europe European Law Innovative Talents International Cooperation Training Project¡± was held in Suzhou

On 26th,September, the opening ceremonyof the fifth "China-Europe European Law Innovative Talents InternationalCooperation Training Project", which is funded by China Scholarship Council, washeld in Suzhou. Lv Jie (deputy dean of the Silk Road School of RenminUniversity of China and vice president of the International school), Wu Weihua(director of Jiangsu Lantern Law Firm), Cheng Lei (assistant of dean of RenminUniversity of China Law School), Feng Shounong (director of the French Teachingand Research Center of Sino-French Institute of RUC), Xiao Yiqiu (theacademic affairs of Sino-French Institute), Zhu Ting (Executive Director of theStudent Affairs Department), and representatives of French teachers attendedthe opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Chen Chao, Executive Directorof the International Affairs Department.

Lv Jie first welcomed the arrival of thestudents. He pointed out that dual foreign language international talents arein shortage currently in China. RUC provides such a platform for multiculturaland multilingual education. The students are at the golden age of learning. He hopedall of the students could study hard in Sino-French Institute, and become themaker and implementer of international rules.

Wu Weihua emphasized the missions carriedout by the students, he also stated that more experiences are significant inlife. He hoped everyone could finally contribute their own strength to the developmentof the country. At the same time, he promised Jiangsu Lantern Law Firm wouldcontinue to give everyone the greatest support and help.

Feng Shounong pointed out that in the pastthree years, the 100% pass rate of this project gave him full of confidence toall the students. He also gave some guidance on French learning.

Liu Yvrui, as the representative of students,expressed her gratitude to the school and teachers. She hoped that she couldwork together with other students to become the communication bridge betweenChina and the world.

Finally, Cheng Lei conveyed the greetingsfrom Dean Wang Yi. He appreciated the excellent study conditions provided by Sino-FrenchInstitute. He hoped students could seize this mission-oriented learningopportunity and strive to grow into high-level legal elite who is involved inglobal governance and international organization experience, and makecontributions to national development and international cooperation.

 "China-Europe European Law InnovativeTalents International Cooperation Training Project"was initiated by the ChinaScholarship Council in March 2015. The students who have obtained a law degreefrom the nationally renowned law schools such as the Renmin University of China,Peking University, Tsinghua University and Wuhan University, will take twosemesters of French training and professional courses at the Sino-FrenchInstitute of RUC, after a rigorous interview and selection in English. In the secondyear of fall, they will be funded by the China Scholarship Council and go tothe University of Geneva Law School to study European Law and InternationalLaw.

Editor: Zhang Wenke

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