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Zhang Xinbao, Wang Yumiao: Legal Persons Established "for Other Non-profit Purposes"

Abstract: According to the attribution of interest, non-profit purposes can be divided into public welfare, mutual benefits and self-interest. The interest of public welfare legal persons is mainly non-economic. It belongs to third parties, which is highly altruistic. The interest of mutual-benefit legal persons includes economic interest and belongs to their members. The types consist of economic public trading platforms as well as non-public-benefit social groups. The interest of self-benefit legal persons belongs to themselves, primarily the venues for holding religious activities. Mutual-benefit legal persons and legal persons of venues for holding religious activities shall not do business activities in principle. When a mutual-benefit legal person is terminated, it shall limitedly distribute residue property to its investors.

Keywords: other non-profit purposes; mutual-benefit legal person; self-benefit legal person; business activities; limited distribution

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