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¡°The 2018 annual convention of Academy for East-Asian Tort Law and Seminar on Model East-Asian Tort Law¡± were successfully held

On September 28th,the 2018 annual convention of Academy for East-Asian Tort Law and Seminar on Model East-Asian Tort Law were successfully held in Northwest University, Chang¡¯an Campus. This year¡¯s convention was hosted by The Research Center of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China, organized by Northwest University and co-organized by Shannxi Yunde Law Firm. Experts and scholars from various universities including Renmin University of China, Taipei University; City University of Hong Kong, Sichuan University; Tianjin University, Beijing normal university;Shandong University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law; Southwest University of Political Science & Law, East China University of Political Science and Law; Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, University of Macau; Chengdu University of Technology, Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University; Chang¡¯an University, Northwest University of Political Science and Law; Dongguk University,Yeungnam University and Kyung Hee University from North Korea; and editors from journals like Seeking Truth and Journal of Northwest University attended the conference. More than 200 representatives from Northwest University also took part in the meeting.

Prof. Yang Lixin, general director of Academy of East-Asian Tort Law and director of The Research Center of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China, and Li Bangbang, secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection and Standing Party Committee of Northwest University spoke on the beginning ceremony. Following them were Lawyer Hu Xiaoqing, Partner of Shannxi Yunde Law Firm, and Prof. Wang Si feng, Dean of Northwest Law School, to speak. Professor YaoHui, Operative director of The Research Center of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China, hosted the opening ceremony.

Director Yang Lixin introduced the goal of this convention in his speech, which was to discuss the security obligation in temporary draft of Model East-Asian Tort Law so that concerning rules could be perfected. The significance of making Model East-Asian Tort Law lies in its function of offering reference for other legal fields in East Asian countries, guiding juridical practice and enriching theories of tort law. He sincerely hoped that this conference could yield fruitful results.

Li Bangbang, secretary of standing party committee of Northwest University, expressed his sincere welcome to the attending scholars on behalf of his school. He slao introduced the history and academic achievements of Northwest University. He underscored that, under the background of the Belt and Road initiative being constantly pushed forward and Asian countries having increasingly close trading relationships with China, the research results of AETL would certainly have significant influence on academic exchange and cooperation and regional legislation. China is currently codifying corpus juris civilis. As an important part of civil law, tort law plays an indispensable role in protecting civil rights and promoting fairness and justice. Therefore, the Model East-Asian Tort Law that this convention was talking about would for sure make a worldwide difference.

Prof. Wang Sifeng, Dean of Northwest LawSchool voiced his congratulation on this year¡¯s convention and expressed hisheartful gratitude to AETL¡¯s trust and support in Northwest Law School. After that, he made an introduction about the development and basic situation oflegal education in Northwest University, as well as his expectation on the marvelous speeches of other experts. He wished the convention a great successat the end of the speech.

Lawyer Hu Xiaoqing, Senior partner ofShannxi Yunde Law Firm, offered his appreciation on all the scholars attending this conference. Based on his own experience, he pointed out some difficult questions about the security obligation of Tort Law in judicial practice. He hoped that the attending experts could offer insightful ideas during the conference and expressed his intention for further cooperation.

Part one

Problems concerning the violation of security obligation and tort liabilities it caused

The topic discussion of the first part was hosted by Prof. Yang Lixin from Renmin Law School.

Prof. Wangzhu, director of AETL, made a report named The typification and rule-designing of zoo-kept animals¡¯liability for damage .

Prof. Yang Lizheng of Northwest Law School,made a thesis report on The establishment, expansion and restriction ofsecurity obligation in China.

Prof. Xiong Jinguang, vice dean of law school of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, made a report on The typification of different modes for safety protection obligor to burden theirliabilities in the case of third party infringement.

Prof. Liu Zhaocheng reported his research on The expansion in application of security obligation and the development of illegality judgment.

Vice Editor in chief of Seeking Truth Journal, researcher Li Hongtao made comments on these reports.

Part two

This part¡¯s discussion was presided over by Prof. Yang Lizheng from Northwest Law School.

Prof. Zhanghong from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law made a thesis report on Tort liability of intruding interest of peace of  life

Associate Professor Yang Hui from Chengdu University of Technology made a report Study on tort liability of another kind caused by the violation of security obligation

Prof. Zheng Zhifeng made a report Studyon third party infringement that violates security obligation

Associate Professor Dong Chunhua from East China University of Political Science and Law made a thesis report Study on the confirmation of tort liability caused by the violation of security obligation under the condition of third party infringement

Associate Professor Man Hongjie made comments on these reports.

Part three

Foreign experience in tort liabilities of violating security obligation

Discussions in this part were hosted by Associate Professor Zheng Hui, Vice dean of Northwest Law School

Vice director in chief of AETL, Prof. Su Zaixian made a report named Legal liabilities of security accidents in the schools of South Korea and China

Prof. Li Xiangxu from law school of Yeungnam University made a report on The damage compensation caused by the violation of security obligation by tourism planners ---- a study centered on No.2016Da6239 judicial decision of counrt of chancery.

Associate professor from Taipei University made a thesis report on Study on a few suggestions for the legislation oftort law

Associate professor Ding Chunyan from CityUniversity of Hong Kong made a report on Liability of possessors under HongKong Law

Director of AETL, Prof. Wang Zhu from Sichuan University commented on these reports.

Part four

Foreign experience in tort liabilities of violating security obligation

Prof. Yao Hui from Renmin Law School hosted topic discussions of this part.

Prof. Yan Jirong from Law school of Dongguk University made a report on Tort liabilities of violating security obligation

Qian Zhaoqiang, senior tutor from University of Macau, made a report on A brief introduction to the tort liability system in Macao Legal system

Associate Professor Zhao Xiaoshu from Law school of Beijing Normal University made a report on The standard of judgment in violation of security obligation in sports accidents

Li Chun, post-doctor from Sichuan University, made a report on A brief probe into the security consideration obligation under Japanese law

Prof. Zhang Hong from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law commented on these speeches.

After discussions of these four parts, a seminar on The supplementary proposal¢ñ to Model East-Asian Tort Law: tort liabilities of violating security obligation was held.

The closing ceremony of the convention was presided over by Prof. Yang Lizheng from Northwest Law School. Prof. Yao Hui from The Research Center of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of RenminU niversity of China and Prof. Wang Sifeng, Dean of Northwest Law School,respectively delivered a speech in the ceremony. The conference ended in heated discussion.

The convention focused on the problem of security obligation in tort law. Scholars attending the conference shared their latest results from different angles and their distinctive opinions. They also put forward a series of suggestions on the rule-designing of Model East-Asian Tort Law. These all contributed to the theoretical development of tort law within eastern Asia or even around the world. They also had a theoretical and realistic impact on the legislation of corpus juris civilis in our country.

(Editor : MA Hang)

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