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Professor Wang Liming and Professor Lin Jia Were Approved to Set up Key Projects of National Social Science Funds of 2018

  On October 23th, national office of philosophy and social sciences released the list of key projects approved by the national social science funds of 2018. Two projects, The Research on the Legislation of the Protection of Personality Rights led by professor Wang Liming and Concepts, Principles, Theories and Practices of Chinese social law led by professor Lin jia have been approved as key projects.

Key projects, which receive the largest amount of funds, are listed as the most advanced, powerful, authoritative and competitive category in the current funding system of national social science fund project. Up to now, Renmin Law School has been approved to set up 16 key projects of the national social science fund, 94 annual projects of the national social science fund, 6 special commissioned projects of the national social science fund, 13 later-stage subsidized projects of the national social science fund, 1 subsidized academic journal project of the national social science fund. Also, 3 projects were selected in the national social science achievements archive. These national social science fund projects have prepared a good start and a solid foundation for the construction and development of Renmin Law School's "first-class law discipline".

In recent years, Renmin Law School has attached great importance to the construction of the law discipline and adhered to the principle of "Academic institute and leading academicdevelopment". In order to encourage teachers to actively participate in the application of national key projects, to provide effective guarantee in the submission of materials, demonstration of labor services and other aspects, to cultivate high-level and high-quality key projects, and to improve the competitiveness of scientific research, Law School has accordingly developed the Supporting Measures for the Cultivation of Key Projects of Renmin Law School. In the future, RLS will continue to focus on major frontier issues in national development and construction, pay attention to academic thinking and guidance, promote the quality of scientific research achievements, and lead the innovative development of legal research.

(NO.6 Research on the Legislation of the Protection of Personality Rights led by professor Wang Liming, RUC; NO.7 Concepts, Principles, Theories and Practices of Chinese sociallaw led by professor Lin jia, RUC)

Editor: LIU Chen

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