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Jurist was ranked "excellent" in theannual assessment of academic journals funded by the national social sciencefoundation.

  OnNovember 5th, Jurist was ranked "excellent" in theannual assessment of academic journals funded by the national social sciencefoundation. Recently, national office of philosophy and social science hascarried out an annual assessment of 192 academic journals funded by thenational social science foundation according to their major performance. Amongthem, 32 journals were assessed as "excellent", 158 were assessed as"qualified" and 2 were assessed as "unqualified". Juristis the only "excellent" journal in Renmin University of China. Onlytwo law journals, Jurist and Law of China, were ranked asexcellent.

  Jurist is noted as a national corejournal of law in Chinese, a core journal of Chinese humanities and socialscience, a source journal of Chinese social science citation index (CSSCI), adual-effect journal of Chinese journal phalanx and a Chinese academic journalcore database full-text journal, which up to now has been published 170 times. Juristwas formerly named Family of cadets (legal edition), which wasfounded in 1986. Later, it was renamed as Jurist since the first issuein 1993, with the approval of the state press and publication department. It isa comprehensive law journal that relies on the jurist group of Renminuniversity of China and is open to legal scholars from home and abroad. Usingthe advanced periodical network office platform, the public account of WeChatof Jurist was opened in 2017, together with brand columns and featurecolumns.

  TheEnglish version of Jurist--Renmin Chinese Law Review: Selected Papersof The Jurist, since its inception in 2013, has been published for fivevolumes by a British press company Edward Elgar and has been collected inHeinOnline database, which has attracted the attention of international lawcommunity and gained a high academic reputation.

  Sincebeing selected as a journal sponsored by the national social sciencefoundation, Jurist has taken a series of measures to implement theprovisions and requirements of independent management, made correspondingcontributions to the interpretation and research of the spirit of 19thNational Congress of CPC and the comprehensive promotion of the rule of law,and promoted the development of philosophy and social science with Chinesecharacteristics. In the long-term practice, with the attitude of beingrigorous, pragmatic, open and fair, Jurist always adheres to itsprinciple, gives priority to original and realistic works, attaches greatimportance to the research regarding to major subject, great value, or whichmay have a significant impact, promotes the whole research works, strives toreflect the frontier subject of law studies in our country, and finallypromotes the prosperity and development of Chinese law.

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