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Professor Wang Liming, Wang Yi, Yang Dong and Tian Hongjie in RUC Law school are elected to the New Teaching Committee of the Ministry of education

The other day, the 2018-2022 the establishment conference of thehigher education teaching committee of the Ministry of education was held inBeijing. A total of 5550 members, including 111 chairmen and 710 vice-chairmen,were eventually selected by the new Teaching Committee, of which 3611 were newmembers, accounting for 2/3 of the total number of members. It is the largest,most comprehensive and highest-level new Teaching Committee.

Renmin University of China has 47 members, of which 33 are inteaching-guidance committee and 5 in sub-teaching-guidance committees, with anincrease of 17.5% over the previous session, ranking in the forefront ofuniversities in the field of Humanities and social sciences. Among them, thereare 5 directors, 13 vice chairmen, 5 secretaries and 24 members.

Professor Wang Liming of the RUC Law School retained his post asDeputy Director of the Law Teaching Guidance Committee and served as a memberof the Guidance Support Committee. Professor Wang Yi becomes a new member ofthe Law Teaching Guidance Committee. Professor Yang Dong becomes a new memberof the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Guidance Committee, andProfessor Tian Hongjie becomes a member of the Teaching Innovation andInformatization committee. Four professors of our faculty are elected to thenew session of the higher education Teaching Committee of the Ministry ofeducation, which not only further enhanced the influence of the RUC Law School inthe Law Teaching Guidance Committee, but also expanded the influence ofprofessors from the RUC Law school in the fields of innovation andentrepreneurship education, teaching innovation and informatization.

The higher Teaching Committee of the Ministry of education wasestablished in 1990. It is a non-permanent academic institution hired and ledby the Ministry of Education. Under the entrustment and leadership of theMinistry of Education, it carries out research, consultation, guidance,evaluation and service of undergraduate teaching in universities. Each sessionis 5 years.

The main tasks of the new Commission are to focus on first-classundergraduate courses, first-class majors, first-class courses, first-classteachers, first-class certification and first-class talents. After theestablishment of the new Teaching Committee, we will focus on eight aspects:first, to carry out the spirit of the National Educational Congress; second, toguide universities to rectify the teaching order; third, to promote thenational standards of undergraduate professional teaching quality to take root;fourth, to do a good job of professional connotation construction; fifth, tostrengthen curriculum construction; sixth, to guide the compilation andselection of teaching materials; seventhly, to motivate teachers to devotethemselves to teaching and educating people; and eighth, to guide students tostudy hard.


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