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Our school alumni of Song Yu Shui was elected vice president of the all China Women's Federation, and Liu Li alumni attended the media meeting.

On the morning ofOctober 30, 2018, the Twelfth National Congress of Chinese women opened in theGreat Hall of the people. The conference calls on women to inspire theirspirit, work hard and gather great efforts to compose a magnificent chapter ofthe cause of socialist women with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Atthe opening ceremony, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC CentralCommittee, President of the State and Chairman of the Central MilitaryCommission, cordially shook hands with Judge Song Yushui, a participant andalumnus of the Law School of Renmin University of China. On November 1, the12th Executive Committee of the All-China Women,s Federation held its firstplenary meeting. Song Yushui was elected Vice-President of the All-ChinaWomen,s Federation. At the first meeting between the representatives of the12th National Women,s Congress of China and the media, another outstandingfemale judge, Liu Li, a college friend and President of the Olympic VillagePeople,s Court of the Chaoyang District People,s Court of Beijing, as the onlyrepresentative of the national political and legal system, had face-to-faceexchanges with the media together with four other participants.

Song Yushui, a memberof the Party Group, Vice President of the Beijing Intellectual Property Courtand part-time Vice President of the All-China Women,s Federation, talked abouthis understanding of women,s cause and work in the new era.

We are in this eraof rapid change. It is such an era that makes women,s roles move from family tosociety and from singleness to pluralism. Women,s participation in innovationand creation can help them get out of the narrow family space, maximize theirself-worth, promote social development and progress, and further promote thechange of the times. However, when we see the social orientation of women, wecan not unilaterally understand that women now play all the roles. In fact,they never leave the family, and correctly handling the relationship betweenfamily roles and social roles is the greatest thing for women.

Over the past fiveyears, our legislation has paid special attention to gender equality and givenspecial protection to areas where there may be gender discrimination and gendervulnerability. The Anti-Domestic Violence Act, which was implemented on March1, 2016, provides a new legal weapon to protect women,s personal rights. Itstipulates the prevention and disposal of domestic violence, and stipulatesthat when encountering domestic violence or danger, a personal security ordermay be applied to the court. On July 13, 2016, "The Supreme People,sCourt,s Approval on Procedural Issues Related to Personal Safety ProtectionOrder Cases" elaborated the application of specific procedures in personalsafety protection order cases. The General Principles of Civil Law, which cameinto effect on October 1, 2017, stipulates that "if the law has specialprovisions for the protection of civil rights of minors, the elderly, the disabled,women and consumers, the priority effect of the law on women,s protection isestablished in accordance with its provisions", which provides sufficientprovisions for further perfection and promotion of the legislative protectionof women,s rights and interests.

Liu Li, presidentof the Olympic Village People,s Court of Chaoyang District People,s Court ofBeijing, the most beautiful grass-roots judge, shared her feelings with themedia:


When tryingdifficult and complex cases, judges need more thinking, more responsibility,broader mind and broader vision. Taking the divorce case of Li Yang, thefounder of Crazy English, as an example, the trial involves the identificationof domestic violence, the upbringing of children and the division of a largenumber of property. The case is very complicated and the social attention ishigh. In the course of hearing the case, I issued the first personal safetyprotection order referring to the provisions of the new Civil Procedure Law onthe preservation of conduct. The personal safety protection order provides alegal barrier between the perpetrator and the victim, which makes theregulation of domestic violence change from simple ex-post punishment topre-prevention and pre-suppression.


If judges saymore, do more and think more, it is possible to save a family, resolve acrisis, light up a life, or even change a social phenomenon through a case. Ithink this is the responsibility of the judge.


The report of thegeneral assembly has put forward the unique role of women in the two aspects ofsociety and family. For women in the new era, family and work can not beneglected. The two are equally important. The balance between work and familylies not in the length of time, but in the quality of company. Take my son asan example. He is 11 years old and he is in grade six. From the first grade ofprimary school, he developed the habit of doing his homework independently. Inthe process of accompanying him to grow up, I pay more attention to the qualityof company. At the same time, I believe that working parents will set a goodexample for their children. With the encouragement of their parents, childrenwill become a positive, enterprising, hardworking and useful person.


Women have aunique role in the family, including children,s reproduction, education,domestic work and so on. How women,s rights and interests are guaranteed in lawis an important issue for legislators, law enforcement and judiciaries. As ajudge, let me give you a simple example. In divorce cases, when determining theright of child support, economic income is a factor to consider the ownershipof the right of child support, but it is absolutely not the most importantfactor. In fact, giving children the best companionship and the warmest care isthe most important.


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