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Research Center for Law and Religion Held Series of Seminars with Religious Communities

  From October 15th to November 14th, 2018, a series of seminars on Practical Difficulties of Rule of Law in Religious Work were held in five successive weeks by National Academy of Development and Strategy of RUC and Research Center for Law and Religion. The goals were to understand social basis for rule of law in religious work, to discern crucial law issues in religious activities, and to lay solid foundation for a breakthrough project in national social science entitled Research on Rule of Law in Religious Work. In-depth discussions were held respectively with religious personages from Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, Christianism and Islam. The seminars were hosted by Prof. Feng Yujun and funded by National Academy of Development and Strategy. Other researchers of the center also attended the seminars, including Ao Haijing, Zhou Zexia, Zhou Jianwei, Liu Han, Yang Zixin, Zhang Yaoyuan, Weng Shuanghang, Zhu Yameng.

(Seminar with the Buddhist Community)

(Seminar with the Catholic Community)

  During the seminars, the five religious communities presented legal problems they met with in their religions and regions. Some are universal, such as the difficulty of registration of real estates in religious sites and unsatisfactory social security for faculty members. These problems are better tackled with stronger regulations and policies in the east than in the middle and the west.

(Seminar with the Taoist Community)

(Seminar with the Christian Community)

  In the process of the promotion of rule of law, difficulties that the five religions have encountered differentiate because of varied histories and current situations. The Buddhist and Taoism community are both troubled by the commercialization of religious sites. The Christian and Catholic community are faced with incomplete property rights of churches, which undermines their ability of self-sustainability. The Muslim community expressed their views on the overspread of halal.

(Seminars with the Muslim Community)

  After the seminars came to a successful end, Prof. Feng Yujun pointed out that these fruitful meetings would provide abundant materials for the centers further research and make it more to-the-point. Besides, the results would be accompanied by surveys on a national scale and both would serve for the implementation of Research on Rule of Law in Religious Work, a 2017 major project of national social science.

(Editor: YUAN Xiaokun)

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