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Professor Jacques de Werra, Vice-President of the University of Geneva, gave a lecture in our faculty

On the afternoon of November 20, 2018,Jacques de Werra, Vice President of Geneva University and Professor of LawFaculty, visited the grand Forum in our school and gave a lecture on"Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Can Human-CenteredIntellectual Property Law Protect Artificial Intelligence?" Professor JinHaijun in RUC Law School, presided over the forum. Professors Guo He, ZhangGuangliang, Wanyong, Wang Chunyan, Yin Shaoping, and associate professor ZhangJiyu, Guo Rui participated in the discussion.

Professor Jacques de Werra first introducedthe application of artificial intelligence in music industry, automobileindustry and other industries, and then raised the question whetherintellectual property law can provide protection for artificial intelligence.He pointed out that AI would use substantial data protected by copyright law inthe process of learning, which might lead to intellectual propertyinfringement. At the same time, AI can also be used to protect intellectualproperty rights. For example, AI can help network platforms identify and filtercopyright infringement.

Then Professor Jacques de Werra introducedthe impact of AI on the intellectual property law system. From the perspectiveof patent law, trademark law and design law, he draws the conclusion thathuman-centered intellectual property law system may change. He believed that AIwould improve the standard of novelty of technical solutions for ordinarytechnicians in patent law, thus changing the patent review system. Artificialintelligence will make consumers smarter. Consumers who have more informationcan easily distinguish different signs without confusing commodities and theirproducers. Artificial intelligence also allows users with knowledge of designto grasp more information.

Professor Jacques de Werra also pointed outthat we should be cautious about AI and should not rely too much on technology.Artificial intelligence can help human to judge whether intellectual propertyrights are infringed, but it cannot replace human beings. At the same time, theresearch on property protection of AI may be more important than the researchon intellectual property protection of AI.

After Professor Jacques de Werra,s speech,Professor Guo Rui, Professor Wang Chunyan, Professor Wan Yong and several otherteachers and students asked questions on how AI could improve intellectualproperty rights, such as patent law, the impact of AI on music copyright, thedefinition and protection of AI property.

At the end of the speech, Professor Guo Hepresented the lecture poster as a souvenir gift to Professor Jacques de Werraon behalf of Renmin University of China.

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