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Zhang Xinbao: ‘General Free Mode + Specific Payment Mode’: A New Thinking on Personal Information Protection

Abstract: In the field of Internet information service, the current general free mode has not only weakened the protection of users’ personal information, but also reduced the obligations of network service providers. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce specific payment mode to rectify the situation and form a dual mode of ‘general free + specific payment’, in which the specific payment mode is parallel with the general free mode. The key to the specific payment mode lies in treating personal information protection as an independent attribute of products or service and fixing a price of personal information by distinguishing basic performance and additional performance. This dual mode has a strong legal basis and economic rationality in both civil law system and common law system, and the implementation and promotion of this mode requires necessary arrangements on mechanism and system.

Keywords: personal information protection; internet service; general free; specific payment; general free + specific payment

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