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Mr. Chen Wanjie, Dean of Confucius Institute, in Graz University, Austria, visited our faculty

At 3:30 p.m. on December 7, 2018, in order to further promotecooperation and exchanges between the Faculty of Law of Graz University inAustria and the Faculty of Law of Renmin University of China, Mr. Chen Wanjie,Dean of Confucius Institute of Graz University in Austria, came to our facultyto visit Professor Yan Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committeein our faculty, Professor Zhou Ke, Assistant Professor Cao Wei, in theDepartment of Environmental and Resource Protection Law, and Chen Lei,secretary of Foreign Affairs in our faculty, and had an in-depth conversationon cooperation matters together.

Mr. Chen Wanjie pointed out that the University of Graz inAustria has a long history and the law major ranks first in Austria. In orderto promote Sino-Austrian cultural exchanges, Graz University School of Law iseager to establish contacts with the Law School of Renmin University of Chinaand carry out in-depth cooperation. Confucius Institute undertake with theglorious mission to promote China,s foreign exchanges and improve theinternational status and influence of Chinese, Sinology and Chinese studies.Therefore, Confucius Institute of Graz University is very willing to help thetwo faculties to establish long-term. On behalf of the Law School, DeputySecretary Yan Fang welcomed Mr. Chen Wanjie,s visit and stated that the LawSchool of Renmin University of China has always taken strengtheninginternational exchanges and cooperation, broadening the international horizonsof teachers and students, and enhancing the international influence of the LawSchool of Renmin University of China as an important development task. Ms. Yanalso express appreciation to Mr. Chen Wanjie,s leading role in building along-term partnership between the two faculties, especially in providingfinancial support for the exchange projects. Professor Zhou Ke said that he wasvery pleased to see that the cooperation and exchanges between the twofaculties would begin with the major of environmental law. He also thanked Mr.Chen Wanjie for providing financial support for the cooperation. In order topromote cooperation, Professor Zhou Ke said that he would use personal researchfunds to support regular invitations to Graz University Law School teachers orstudents to visit Renmin University Law School for short-term exchange visits.

After in-depth communication, the two sides reached apreliminary agreement on the following matters: the Law School of GrazUniversity in Austria and the Law School of Renmin University of China willsign a memorandum of understanding on the long-term cooperation and exchangeprojects between the two faculties, stipulating that the two sides will furthercarry out summer school, exchange students, visiting scholars, scientificresearch project cooperation and many other cooperation matters. As the firstproject of exchange cooperation, the Law School of Graz University in Austriawill host the first "Austria Graz University-Renmin University"summer school in July 2019. The theme is "EU-China Summer School ofEnvironmental Law: Legal and Cultural Perspective". At that time, the LawSchool of Renmin University of China will send a summer exchange group composedof young teachers and students to Graz. Tsz University to carry on studyexchange activities.

This meeting has been a great success, laying a goodfoundation for the establishment of long-term partnership between theUniversity of Graz in Austria and the Law School of Renmin University of China.

Editor: HE Shuyu

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