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Teachers of our faculty went to Austria to attend the International Symposium on Climate Change, Duties and Responsibilities

From November 7 to 11, 2018, , at the invitation of the LawSchool of Graz University, Austria, Professor Zhou Ke and AssistantProfessor Cao Wei from the Department of Environmental and Resource ProtectionLaw of our college, attended the International Symposium on Climate Change,Obligations and Responsibilities in Graz, Austria. The conference was hosted bythe Institute of Public Law and Political Theory, Graz University School ofLaw. Nearly 30 scholars from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, China, Russia,South Africa, Kenya and other countries were invited to participate in theconference. The exhibition focused on the scientific basis of climate change,climate change and international law, EU, Germany and Austria climate changelaw, climate change and private law.

Professor Zhou Ke, Department of Environmental and ResourceProtection Law of our college, was invited to give a keynote report entitled"China,s Climate Change Law: History, Current Situation and KeyIssues" at the conference. In the report, Professor Zhou Ke reviewed thedevelopment of China,s participation in international climate changenegotiations and legislation, and systematically introduced the currentdomestic climate change management system and legal system. Finally, ProfessorZhou Ke pointed out that the key issues of China,s response to climate changeinclude the formulation of basic or comprehensive legislation, the improvementof carbon trading system and so on. Professor Zhou Ke,s speech receivedenthusiastic responses from scholars and listeners. Subsequently, AssistantProfessor Cao Wei of the Department of Environmental and Resource ProtectionLaw of our college also made a theme of "Climate Change, Public InterestLitigation and the Development of China,s Renewable Energy Law - Based on theanalysis of Friend of Nature v. Ningxia Power Grid Co.ziranzhi". In thereport, Professor Cao Wei introduced the case in detail and the specificcontents of China,s environmental public interest litigation system andrenewable energy law, pointing out that specific policy issues may not besuitable for litigation, but must rely on administrative means.

At this meeting, the teachers of our faculty made a reportwith clear theme and detailed content. Through this academic exchange, ourteachers not only systematically introduced the theory and practice of China,sresponse to climate change to foreign scholars, but also showed our scholar,sdemeanor to the participants and achieved fruitful results.

Editor: HE Shuyu

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