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The Forum for Excellent Graduates and Freshmen of PhD was successfully held in RUC Law School

  On 6 December, 2018, the forum for excellent graduates and freshmen of PhD was successfully held in room 708 of Mingde Building. Professor Zhang Xiang, the vice dean of the law school, Duan Ruiqun, Jian Ai, the excellent graduates, and all PhD freshmen admitted in 2018 attended the forum. Qian Kun, a PhD candidate, served as the host.  
  In the beginning, having emphasized the strict standard and requirement that school set for PhD dissertation, Prof. Zhang Xiang expected the 2018 freshmen could improve their academic ability and personal quality unceasingly. With the aim of creating a platform for outstanding graduates and freshmen to communicate, the forum invited many prominent graduates to share their survey results and writing experience in preparing dissertation, in order to set a good example for freshmen.

  Before the experience sharing section, two attendees, Duan Ruiqun and Jian Ai, whose essays were chosen to be excellent examples, were issued certificates and memorial cards by Prof. Zhang, and took a photo together.

  PhD Duan firstly shared his ideas and feelings based on his own experience in study and life. He mentioned that he had suffered a lot of challenges and setbacks in work, study and daily life in 2013. However, he managed to be a PhD candidate of RUC in 2014 after unremitting efforts and meanwhile, other aspects reached a turning point, too. In light of his personal experience, he encouraged everyone that we would be successful ultimately as long as we had perseverance, despite failures came again and again. As to the choice of topic and writing for dissertation, he asserted that he had chosen a difficult topic, which took him a lot of work. Having referred to numerous literatures and always kept the principle of ¡°seek truth from facts¡±, he finally completed his paper, which was more than 350 thousand words, with the full support of his research supervisor. Simultaneously, as an on-the-job doctor candidate, he talked about how to balance and properly arrange time for study, work and family.

  PhD Jian Ai mainly talked about how to overcome procrastination and the writing and contribution of dissertation. She emphasized that we should figure out the reason for being a doctor candidate and be clear about our life director as a PhD freshman. In the aspect of how to overcome procrastination, she gave some advice: First, communicating with the research supervisor positively and reporting academic study results regularly; Second, making the plan based on our personal situation and flexibly adjusting it; Third, keeping in touch with family and friends to maintain good mood. When it came to dissertation writing, she thought the topic should be determined as soon as possible and talked with the supervisor timely, in order to accumulate relevant information and literature during the survey process. When contributing the dissertation, we should not only compare the writing styles of different periodicals, but establish our original writing skills and style in this period. Finally, she suggested all attendees knowing the employment situation as early as possible and making a long-term planning. We had better enhance our core competitiveness, live up to teachers¡¯ expectations and maintain the competitive edge of RUC Law School.

  During the communicating part, the attendees actively raised questions including the time arrangement, the balance between study and family and so on. Two PhD responded them based on their own experience respectively and patiently.
  In the end, Prof. Zhang showed gratitude to two PhDs for their sharing and made a summary. He emphasized that people engaged in academic research should keep their original mind and have a positive and active attitude. The forum ended in a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Editor: ZHANG Jiayun

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