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Research Center for Human Rights of RUC held a Seminar to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Adoption of < Universal Declaration of Human Rights >

  On December 9, 2018, co-hosted by Research Center for Human Rights of RUC and RUC Law School, the seminar entitled "Consensus on Human Rights and the Contemporary Rule of Law: To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Adoption of < Universal Declaration of Human Rights >" was held in Beijing. More than 40 experts from different universities and scientific research institutions nationwide attended the seminar. The seminar mainly discussed about the formulation, contemporary meaning and challenges ahead of < Universal Declaration of Human Rights >, as well as the current development of basic human rights and the core human rights concept of contemporary rule of law, based on the process of contemporary international and domestic rule of law.

  Present scholars looked back on the controversies during the process of formulating < Universal Declaration of Human Rights > and all of them thought that the human rights concept and right system created by the declaration had substantial influence on the establishment and consolidation of human rights consensus and world peace and development after WWII. The declaration had programmed the general vision of the development of contemporary human rights protection system. During the 70 years after its debut, the contemporary world situation had undergone great changes and the cause of world human rights were faced with various new challenges. On this occasion, reiterating the tolerance and rational spirit of the declaration and the equal dignity and rights of human was still of distinct significance to the times and the peace, development and progress of the new era.
  The experts asserted that human rights and rule of law were interdependent and complementary. Rule of law was the necessary shield to protect and guarantee human rights in the process of the development of the cause of human rights. The core value of human rights built up by the declaration was an indispensable lead for the development of the rule of law worldwide.
  The attendees also maintained that we should pay more attention to the communication home and abroad as China's cause of human rights was entering a new era. Inspired by the spirit of the declaration, we were supposed to unite people all over the world, strengthen the human rights consensus, promote human dignity and make joint efforts to the build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Editor: ZHANG Jiayun

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