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Renmin law School held the 2018 Symposium on talent training

To effectively accelerate the world-class law discipline construction with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implement the spirits of new era national education conference and national undergraduate education conference, recently Renmin Law School 2018 Symposium on talent training was held in conference room 601, Mingde law building. The 2018 Symposium on talent training focused on how to promote the first-class cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates. All leaders of Renmin Law School, all faculty members and student representatives attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Professor Lin jia, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of Renmin Law School.Professor Wang Yi, Lin Jia, Zhang Xiang, Gao Shengping, Han Dayuan and Zhang Zhiming made speeches separately and put forward prospects.

Professor Wang Yi, Dean of Renmin Law School and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, stressed that a world-class law school must have corresponding abilities to nurture world-class talents and students. The world-class talent cultivation ability is inseparable from the world-class teaching teams and auxiliary teaching teams, as well as the world-class talent cultivation mode. Specifically, the core of the world-class talent training mode is the world-class curriculum system. Dean Wang Yi introduced the basic situation of talent cultivation in law school from two aspects: the curriculum system reform that law school is striving to promote at present and the construction of Future Rule of Law Institute.

Wang Yi pointed out that in the traditional curriculum mode the knowledge of law taught in class for undergraduates and graduates is relatively focused on oversea experience and relatively concerned about logical deduction from the conceptual system. Such mode has not been able to fully realize the effective response of law education to the practice of the rule of law in China. Chiness law education should be committed to proposing Chinese proposals and exploring Chinese models based on Chinese reality together with fully-drawn lessons from experience outside the region.

On the one hand, Renmin Law School has initiated the reform of the curriculum system, which is to break through the rigid form, adjust the structure, mobilize all kinds of social resources, set up many new courses, promote the integration of knowledge education and practice education, and realize the innovation of teaching contents. On the other hand, Renmin Law School has established Future Rule of Law Institute, which is based on multidisciplinary innovation team and workshop. Future Rule of Law Institute systematically carries out cross-research between law and cutting-edge technology, and actively responds to the challenges and opportunities brought by the new round revolution of science and technology and industrial transformation to the rule of law, aiming to contribute new knowledge of law with sufficient explanatory power and foresight and timely translate these knowledge into the course content of the curriculum.

Vice President of Renmin Law School, Professor Zhang Xiang introduced the basic situation of random inspection of papers made by masters of law and doctors oflaw. Then he made a systematic analysis on the quality of doctoral theses, and introduced how Renmin Law School can further improve the whole process of hierarchical control mechanism of thesis quality. Zhang Xiang pointed out that in order to control the quality of papers, in the future Renmin Law School will further strengthen the process management, continue to stick to invite the working committee of masters of law and of doctors of law to examine and verify the passed theses after dissertation defense. After that, as the reference of the evaluation, the feedback of paper review will be submitted to the academic degree evaluation committee, to ensure the quality of the dissertation.

Vice President of Renmin Law School, Professor Gao Shengping introduced the situation of random inspection of Juris masterí»s theses, analyzed the qualityof these theses at present, and expressed opinions on how to further improve the quality. Gao Shengping pointed out that Juris masterí»s theses often show strong problem awareness and outstanding practicality. Renmin Law School will adhere to the whole process of double-mentor guidance, promote the system of pre-defense of dissertations, further strengthen the supervisorí»s guidance and strict control on theses, expand writing forms and improve the quality of Juris mastersí» theses.

Professor Han Dayuan, Professor Zhang Zhiming and other teacher representatives also expressed their own views on how to further improve the talent training of Renmin Law School. Professor Han Dayuan pointed out that the dissertation is the core link of the degree education and the centralized reflection of the quality and academic level of postgraduate training. Han Dayuan suggested that Renmin Law School further strengthen the guidance of the tutor on the dissertation, strengthen the process management, strictly control the quality of dissertation, and effectively improve the talent training level of Renmin Law School. Professor Zhang Zhiming pointed out that Renmin Law School has done a lot of work in the quality control of dissertations, and has formed a relatively perfect system design. He suggested further promoting the implementation of the system, and at the same time making a scientific and reasonable evaluation of dissertations in the review of graduation theses. In the end, students representatives voiced their opinions.

Thisconference was a concentrated discussion, summary and reflection on the talenttraining of Renmin Law School. The symposium served as a summary and reflection for 2018 talent training which opened a door for the coming 2019. In the future, Renmin Law School will continue to build consensus, unify ideology,seize the opportunity and forge ahead to conduct a comprehensive study to carryout the spirit of national conference on education, especially in the field ofXi Jinpingí»s new ideas, strategies, opinions of education. Centering around thesubject construction and talents training work,Renmin Law School will improvethe quality and level of education to speed up the construction of "doubletop", exploring talents training modes in the rule of law which matchesthe spirit of important speeches made by general secretary of Communist Partyof China, Xi Jinping and meets the needs of the new era national rule of lawconstruction.

Editor: LIU Chen

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