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Our School and the Faculty of Law of University of Copenhagen Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

On the occasion of the law school delegation's visit to Europe for the 5th "Geneva - Harvard - RUC - Sydney" (GHRS) law school symposium, the law school delegation visited the law school of University of Copenhagen on January 18,2019, and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the law school of University of Copenhagen.

On the morning of January 18, 2019, associate professor Cheng Lei, associate professor Meng Yanbei, associate professor Zhang Jiyu, associate professor Wang Ying, associate professor Ding Xiaodong, associate professor Guo Rui, assistant professor Xiong Bingwan, director of international exchange office Chen Lei and their delegation visited the law school of University of Copenhagen and had an academic discussion with professor Jacob Graff Nielsen, professor Jens Hemmingsen Schovsbo, professor Jesper Lau Hansen, professor Joanna Jemielniak, assistant professor Beatriz Martinez Romera, assistant professor Helen Yu, assistant professor Xiang Wen, doctor Gunes Unuvar and other professors.

Nielsen, dean of the school of law of Copenhagen University, warmly welcomed the visit of the delegation from the school of law of Renmin University of China, and introduced the history of development, scale of faculty and students, research institutions, international reputation and development strategy of the school of law of University of Copenhagen in detail to the delegation. He said that in the past five years, the faculty of law of University of Copenhagen and the school of law of Renmin University of China have carried out close and fruitful academic cooperation. In particular a collaborative research team established by the center of excellence of the international court of justice and the faculty of law of University of Copenhagen recently received support from the scientific research fund of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark.

He believed that on the basis of the good cooperation between scholars of the two houses, the agreement that two houses reached on the cooperation memorandum will further promote the two law schools to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in such fields as teacher exchanges, cooperative research and student exchanges. He held positive attitude towards deepening the cooperation between two houses, contending that this would provide better platform for each side.

Vice President Cheng Lei briefly introduced the basic situation of the law school of Renmin University of China to Dean Nielsen, and conveyed the greetings of President Wang Yi and the positive intention of deepening bilateral cooperation to Dean Nielsen. Vice President Cheng Lei said that both sides have a good foundation for cooperation and looks forward to promoting better academic cooperation in the future. Associate professor Zhang Jiyu, executive director of the Institute of Future Rule of Law, introduced the basic situation and academic research trends of the institute to colleagues from the faculty of law of University of Copenhagen. Subsequently, vice President Cheng Lei signed the memorandum of cooperation between the two houses on behalf of President Wang Yi and President Nielsen.

After the memorandum was signed, the scholars of both sides had a pleasant academic exchange. Professor Jemielniak introduced in detail the academic exchange and cooperative research projects between University of Copenhagen and Renmin university of China in the field of international law (especially the international trade dispute settlement mechanism), as well as the achievements made so far and the implementation plan for the future cooperation between the two sides. Associate professor Guo Rui gave a talk on "Responsible and Ethical AI", and delivered a report on the challenges and coping mechanisms faced by China and comparative legal field in this aspect. Afterwards, participants from both Chambers introduced their respective research fields and ongoing research projects to each other and discussed possible collaborative researches. The director of the office of international exchange of our school, on behalf of the school, exchanged views with the faculty of law of University of Copenhagen on the details of student exchange, joint cultivation of doctoral students, teachers, short-term lectures, cooperative research and the establishment of academic platforms.

On the afternoon of January 18, 2019, the law school delegation accompanied by Helen Yu, Xiang Wen and Dr. Gunes Unuvar, assistant professor of the law school of University of Copenhagen, visited the Supreme Court of Denmark. Justice Jan Schans Christensen of the Supreme Court of Denmark met with the delegation and had an in-depth academic exchange. Christensen justice Denmark was introduced in detail the history of the Supreme Court, personnel composition, the Supreme Court judges selected program, the types of cases and judicial method and philosophy, etc, and the delegation members concerned with judicial power configuration and its operation mode, method of judicial judgment, such problems as the authority of the judicial referee and retrospective launched in-depth exchanges.

University of Copenhagen, the most famous comprehensive university in Denmark, is a member of the international union of research universities and the European Union of research universities. It is the best university in northern Europe and the second best in Europe. It is one of the Top30 research universities in the world. Founded in 1479, the university is the second oldest institution of higher education in Scandinavia, dating back more than 500 years. As one of the top educational and research institutions in Europe, University of Copenhagen enjoys the highest international reputation. With 6 colleges, 36 departments and more than 200 research centers, University of Copenhagen ranks among the world,s top universities. In the 2018 academic ranking of world universities (ARWU) of Shanghai Jiao Tong university, University of Copenhagen is ranked 29th in the world, first in northern Europe and second in the European continent. US NEWS World University Rankings 2018-2019 (U.S. NEWS) ranked 34th globally, first in northern Europe and third in continental Europe. In the development of University of Copenhagen, 37 students, alumni and professors have won Nobel prizes as of 2017. Founded in 1479, the faculty of law of University of Copenhagen is one of the first four faculties of the university of Copenhagen. The school has 75 faculty members, 60 doctoral students, 70 administrative staff, more than 400 part-time faculty and 4,500 students.

Editor: Wu Yixuan

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