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Professor Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College of Law, visited RUC Law School

OnMarch 4th, Prof. Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College LawSchool, were warmly welcomed by Dean Wang Yi. Professor Judith McMorrow, Assistant Dean of BC Law School, Prof.Ding Xiangshun, Associate Prof. Jiang Dong, along with the Director of the Office of International Cooperation, Chen Lei joined the meeting.

Dean. Wang Yi first welcomed Dean Vincent Rougeau followed by the signing ceremony of thecooperation agreement between Boston College Law School and Renmin Law School, eastablishing programs of student exchanges and faculty visits. Reviewing thecooperation history between the two schools.faculties, Dean Wang Yi reminded us that Professor Judith McMorrow has been visiting Remin Law School as a Fulbright scholar in 2008-2009. She has been committed to promoting the cooperation and exchange between Renmin and Boston College and has establisheda summer program for American law in BC. In recent years, Boston College Law School also supports the summer school of Chinese Law held by the Renmin LawSchool every year, therefore promoting the two-way flow of students.

Dean Rougeau said that he was pleased with the excellent cooperation between the Renmin Law School and the Boston College Law School. He also introduced the development of Boston College Law School in recent years and the development trend of Americanlegal education. He hoped that in the future, more forms of exchanges and cooperation with Renmin Law School will be carried out.

Dean Wang Yiand Dean Rougeau signed the cooperation agreements, marking the establishmentof a comprehensive institutional cooperation between the two law schools.

Following the signing ceremony, Prof. Judith McMorrow was appointed by Dean Wang Yi as theVisiting Professor of Renmin Law School.

Dean Vincent Rougeau also delivered a lecture on "Current Issues in American LegalEducation".

Editor: He Shuyu Wu Yixuan, Liu Yang

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