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About the Library

The Library of Renmin Law School was founded in 1950 when establishing the Law Department. The predecessor of it was the Reference Room of the Law Department. In 1994, it was integrated with the Reference Room of RUC Law Institute and became the Reference Room of Law School, and then it was enlarged to its present shape in 1998. With long-term investment, development and construction, now the Law Library has turned into the center of collecting, compiling, editing and utilizing law monographs, journals and literature as well as the Law Division of RUC Library.

The Law Library is located on the 4th and 5th floor and part of the 1st floor of Mingde Law Building. It covers an area of about 2,000 square meters, including one electronic reading room of 108 square meters, which can accommodate 60 persons for online reading, and two regular reading rooms of 180 square meters each, facilitating the needs of hundreds of readers at a time.

The Law Library boasts Jurisprudence Stack, Criminal Law Stack, International Law Stack, Foreign Law Stack, Foreign Law Journals Stack and Stack of H.K., Macao and Taiwan Law Books. In addition, the material centers of two national key discipline research centers- Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence Research Center and Criminal Jurisprudence Research Center are established in the Law Library.

At present, the Law Library has a rich collection of over 300,000 volumes of books, including 250,000 volumes in Chinese and nearly 50,000 volumes in foreign languages. It also boasts more than 30,000 volumes of above 700 types of Chinese law journals and more than 3,000 volumes of various types of foreign law journals. Besides, the Library collects nearly 30 Chinese and foreign art works which are characterized for their significance related to legal events.

To make full use of the collection and serve for the teaching and research of the Law School, the Law Library built the computerized library information system in 1999. The system can be used for book purchase, data management and index categorization processing. Meanwhile, readers can locate books by title, author, publisher, publication date, ISBN, editor, key words, category code and bar code within the system. Additionally, the Law Library offers virtual resource acquisition, such as the electronic reading room which has a collection of nearly 70,000 e-books and legal database with global reputation.

The Law Library has also prepared an exhibition cabinet for Law Schools' academic achievement, which discloses thousands of monographs and textbooks written by faculty members of Renmin Law School. Most of the achievements have won prizes at national and provincial level.

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