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Campus dining

Campus dining introductions

Supply catering and security work for teachers and students and school events. Campus catering is divided into students, basic guys, restaurant, the flavor restaurant, leisure water and reception restaurant ,the teachers and students can use campus card and the sun meal card , temporary meal card can be used by temporary visitors . Meal card rooms offer meal card transaction, deposits, report the loss of STH, cancel such meal card business, address: southeast of middle dining room , the service time:


Central dining room

The dining room is located in the central region of the campus, was built in 1996 and a building area of 6999 square meters, a total of three layers, can accommodate up to 2500 guests. The first layer is customized, including Huaiyang cuisine, Sichuan, Cantonese, home cooking, all kinds of nourishing soup, cold drinks and fine staple food pastry. The second is the flavor restaurant, the main business including noodles, xiaomian, malatang, lamb bubble, huimian, gaifan, fast food, all kinds of porridge product.

Opening time

       First layer:6:30-9:00 ,10:30-13:00.16:30-19:00         

Second layer:10:30-14:00, 16:30-21:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062511438

Eastern dining room

The dining room is located in the east of campus, was built in 1982 and a building area of 6841 square meters, can accommodate about 2000 guests.

The main business of the first layer is Hong Kong style baked point, flavor dishes, staple food starch, Shanxi noodles, snacks, gaifan, old [fire, South Korea meal, northwest snacks, Chengdu snacks, brine, and their hometown dumplings, all kinds of decoct, fry, steamed point. The second layer is students basic guys dining room, basically wide type steamed vegetables, comprehensive, and the Hunan cuisine, the south flavor dishes, homely dishes, tasty porridge, seasonal vegetables, staple food, beverages, affordable and convenient and quick.

Opening time

       First layer:6:30-22:00  Second layer:10:40-13:00,16:30-19:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062511308

Northern dining room

The dining room is located in the northwest of campus, with a construction area of 6779 square meters, can accommodate about 2000 guests.

The dining room is divided into three levels, and a layer of customized restaurant, the second floor for students guys restaurant, three layer for the flavor restaurant. At present the dining room have professional chefs north team, service team, cleaning team and professional management personnel, and forms the unique culture of the dining room.

Opening time

       First layer:6:30-9:0010:30-13:0016:30-19:00

Second layer:10:30-13:00,16:30-19:00 

third layer :10:00-14:00,16:30-22:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062516622/4455

Western dining room

The dining room is located in the west campus west, was built in 1983 and a building area of 6489 square meters, close to students, apartments area, can accommodate up to about 2000 guests. Divided into south, north two hall and full-time restaurant, southern hall is southern food, northern hall is northern food. To meet the pasta lovers, eating habits, the north hall also add Yuzhou snacks, Chengdu snacks, the full-time restaurant includes wide type flavor and pasta, gaifan, Sichuan home cooking dishes and robust economic package, also can undertake students birthday party banquet.

Opening time6:45-10:00,10:45-13:00,16:45-19:00,19:00-22:00

The foreign students dining hall

The foreign students dining hall (the city god temple snacks) is located in the south of campus, the first layer of foreign students buildings, building area of 826 square meters, the foreign students dining hall is the school of the introduction of professional chain food and beverage enterprise, one of the main business Shanghai city god temple snacks and other fast food.

Opening time6:00-24:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062511023

Muslin restaurantIntroductions

Muslim restaurant is located in the southwest hall of the central dining room, second layer. Provide Muslim cuisine for all the teachers and students on campus.

Muslim restaurant is mainly equipped with two big functions, basic food and local food catering gang.

Opening time6:00-21:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062511965/13439812976

Korean cuisine

Located in southern campus students in the apartment building, mainly provides South Korea foods, to meet foreign students dining requirements, and also attracts many domestic students.

Opening time9:00-23:00

Western restaurant dining room

The dining room is located between in western dining room and Huixian building, mainly supplies Chinese fast food.

Opening time6:00-23:00

Jitian dining room

Located in the south campus, it belongs to the southern dining room, a building area of 874 square meters, is also the introduction of the professional chain food and beverage enterprise, characteristics snacks is the main business.

Opening time6:00-24:00

Southern fast-food dining room

The dining room is located in the west of campus, is characteristic with pasta, noodles, Fried noodles, and featured large bowl of beef noodles.

Opening time10:00-23:00

Mingde boxing coffee shop

Located in the western entrance of campus, Mingde business downstairs, western-style restaurant environment and service for the mass of students. Provide a quiet rest area for the general students.

Opening time7:00-24:00

Reservation phone+86(0)1062513658

Water Stone Caf

Located in the east of central dining room, with fragrant coffee, elegant environment, it is the good place for the teachers and students to study and rest.

Opening time8:00-00:30(the next day )

Reservation phone+86(0)1062511547

Jianan meidi western restaurant

Located in the first layer of Huixian building block B, with pure appearance with green wood door and the beautiful music, elegant and comfortable environment coming into view, with the service personnel cordial greetings and nuanced services let every customer to linger over.

The store provides free wireless networks and entertainment project (chess, draughts), you can enjoy the coffee, delicious food of both Chinese and western.

Opening time9:00-1:00(the next day )

Reservation phone+86(0)1062515188


(1)   Pinyuan store

Address:  north of the western canteen, west of Pinyuan NO.4 building.

Business scope:  food and daily provisions.

Business hours:  7:00-23:00

Tel :  +86(0)1062514968

(2)   Huixian store

Address: north of Jingyuan NO.10 building

Business scope: food ,daily provisions ,clothing, bag

Business hours:  8:0020:00

Tel:  +86(0)1062519620

(3) Foreign students shop

Address: inside the foreign students, apartments, an area of 20 square meters

Business scope: mainly imported products.

Business hours: 7:00-23:00

Tel:  +86(0)1062515733-85003

 Communication service

(1)the mail room

Address: No.59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

Postal code: 100872

Logistics Group sets up the mail room to be responsible for the letters and newspapers, parcels and so on.

Address: beside the eastern entrance of RUC.

Tel: +86(0)1062511086

opening time: 8:00-11:30


(2) mobile communication service

The China mobile company is located on the east of eastern dining room, supplies the service of phone recharging and some personal service.

Address: east of the eastern dining room

phone: +86(0)1062511255

Souvenir of RUC


Located inside the Pinyuan shop, it is the designated places of RCU to sell gifts, souvenirs, more than 70 kinds. Welcome teachers and students coming.

Tel: +86(0)1062510528


Introduction of sporting places:

(1)  The Old Gym:


       Mon. to Fri. (no-class periods)             15 RMB/hour/play

Sat., Sun. and Holidays (8:00-22:00)     20 RMB/hour/play

Table tennis 

       Mon. to Fri. (8:00-22:00)            5 RMB/hour/play

Sat., Sun. and Holidays (8:00-22:00)     10 RMB/hour/play


       Mon. to Fri. (8:00-22:00)             200 RMB/hour/play

Sat., Sun. and Holidays (8:00-22:00)    300 RMB/hour/play

(2) ) The Natatorium

Opening hours:

Mon. to Fri                      12:00----22:00

Sat., Sun. and Holidays        10:00----22:00

Fees :

12:00----16:30 for students (faculty) of the university: 6 (10) RMB/1.5 hours

16:30----22:00 for students (faculty) of the university: 8 (10) RMB/1.5 hours

Sat., Sun. and Holidays

10:00----11:30 for students (faculty) of the university: 6 (10) RMB/1.5 hours

11:30----16:30 for students (faculty) of the university: 8(15) RMB/1.5 hours

16:30----22:00 for students (faculty) of the university: 8(15) RMB/1.5 hours

Prices for cards

Seasonal cards (20 times, only for the buyer):

120 (180) RMB for students (faculty);

Yearly cards (50 times, no limits of the user and time): 880RMB

Please show your identifications when buying tickets or cards. 

The international culture festival of RUC

The Renmin university of China international culture festival started in 2001 as a means to expand the youth, international vision, to rich the campus culture as an annual event, and it,s also a display of students receiving mental outlook, at the same time with its inclusive open communication form, wonderful rich content, it is eagerly being looked forward to many students in the brand activities.

The international culture festival generally divided into two parts, "amorous feelings show" and "evening party", through the international culture festival, students can show their country,s culture as well as own talent.

Our international students in 2005 Beijing international students, New Years party:

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