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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: A university established for the people; an education ideology designed for the country."

Vision: "A world class university that satisfies our people."

Values reflected by:

1.The university motto, "Seek truth from the facts."

2.The education ideology, "People,s university, a spirit of humanism and a focus on humanities and social sciences".

3.The university management approach, "Great masters, big buildings and magnanimous spirit".

4.The action principle: "Be sincere and diligent in thinking, and earnest in doing.".

5.The development mentality, "Development, innovation and harmony."

6.The pursuit for excellence, " Keep piloting the era."

The logo of Renmin Law School, shaped like circular seal English letter of "W", is based on the variant of the letter "W" and combined with the Chinese and English name of the law school. The main part of the logo is a variant of the letter "W".The plus character makes the single letter "W" turn into the Variants of three letters "L", "A", "W", which consists the word "LAW". The creative and laconic design shows an international perspective of the Renmin Law School.

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