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Hu Tianlong: The Politics of the Drive Against Corruption 2016-12-13
Feng Yujun: On the Development Stages and Model Characteristics of the Rule of Law in China 2016-12-01
Zhang Shiming: Law ,Resource & Space-time Restriction 2016-11-01
Ding Xiaodong: Democracy & Science in American Constitution 2016-10-24
He Jiahong: Back from the Dead-Wrongful Convictions and Criminal Justice in China 2016-06-27
Han Dayuan: The Constitutional logic of the Right to Life 2015-09-22
Hu Tianlong: China Tax Treaty and Policy: Development and Updates 2015-03-29
Ma Xiaohong& Liu Tingting: Research on Legal CultureSymposium on Chinese Legal System 2014-12-20
Yang Lixin: Law of Obligation 2014-12-11
Huang Zongzhi and You Chenjun: Historical-Social JurisprudenceHistory of Legal Principle and Practice in China 2014-11-27
Han Liyu: Protection of Industries in the Context of WTO Rules 2014-11-15
Gao Shengping:Legal Practice of International Railway Rolling Stock Financing--Official Commentary on the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Luxembourg Protocol Thereto on Matters Specific to Railway Rolling Stock 2014-11-09
Shi Jiayou: Research of Extraterritorial Effect of Securities law of the People's Republic of China 2014-10-16
Gao Shengping: Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private LawDraft Common Frame of Reference[Translation] 2014-10-10
Ma XiaohongNew Theory of Ancient Law: Law Connection 2014-09-27
Gao Shengping[Translation]: Official Commentary on the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Protocol Thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment 2014-09-23
Ma Xiaohong: New Perspectives To the Ancient Law: the Connection between the Past and Present 2014-09-08
Mo Yuchuan: The Government under the Rule of Law Needs Better Judicature: Research and Suggestion of the Amendment of Administrative Procedure Law 2014-09-02
Lin Jia, Chen Wentao: Concerning the Legal Effect of the Labor Standards Act 2014-08-04
Sun Guohua: Marxist Jurisprudence and Social Harmony 2014-07-24
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